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  1. JJ230

    KC area riding?

    I just moved up here from Springfield, Mo and have no idea of any places to ride. looking for just about anyplace to ride. Anybody know of any places?
  2. JJ230

    Exhaust Mod TTR230

    Removing that piece in the exhaust is perfectly ok, it's just the silencer. My bike has never even ran with the silencer in it, thats the first thing i took out. I have also cut out the screen to free it up a lil bit more.
  3. JJ230

    What oil to use?

    What would be a good oil to switch to instead of using Yamalube in my TTR-230 (2005)?
  4. http://media.putfile.com/NotoriousRidaz This is a vid of a few of the guys around my town.
  5. Sick video man, keep it up!
  6. JJ230

    Chadwick April 20-23

    I just might make it down sometime on the 22nd. Depends if i get a new axle for my bike by then or not. a guy from work might join me. would just be for the day though.
  7. JJ230

    Pics of My Converted Bike

    Wow. Looks unbelieveably better! Good job man!
  8. JJ230

    Need an axle, HELP!!!

    Somehow I have broken my front axle on my 05' TT-R230. I have checked the TT store and some other sites but i cant seem to find anything. Any help with this situation would be much appreciated.
  9. I REFUSE to ride alone on trails or a track or anything like that due to the fact that something like that might happen and I would probably die out there.
  10. Wow thats crazy..... My girlfriend just told me that as we were leaving the hospital the nurses told her that i was driving them absolutly crazy. Is my bike ok? They didn't cut my gear did they? What is this thing in my arm (reffering to the IV).
  11. FPMXer, I know what you mean about the shoulder. I was playing some backyard football when i was younger and looked up while running just in time to see a chain-link fence, i jumped it but the tip of my shoe caught on it and i went down head first. At the hospital they told me that i had completely seperated my shoulder from my collar bone. My shoulder was just hanging there by muscle and skin and all that good stuff. Healed up ok though.
  12. yeah, he said i hit some rocks wrong while going downhill and the front end just tucked under me and i went flying. Nope, dont remember loading the bike or anything.It's kinda scary not knowing what you did or said to people while your out of it like that.
  13. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=348585
  14. Well I was at work yesterday and me and another guy decided to take off and go do some riding. Next thing I know is I woke up at home this morning thinking I had a bad dream that I wrecked my bike, was in the hospital...ect...... Well my dream became reality when I looked in the mirror this morning and still had the little stickie pads sticking to my chest and a hole in my arm from an IV. Right now it all still seems like a bad dream. From what I can recall, I was going down a steep hill and hit some big rocks and went over the bars. I guess I landed on my head and gave my self a severe concussion, some how I was able to load my bike in my truck, make the 45 minute drive home and make it inside. I guess I called my brother and when he answered I didn't know who he was or anything and was just rambling on about absolutly nothing. Someone in my family called for an ambulance and I made my way to the hospital. I can still recall some of what happend yesterday but most of it is a blur like I was in some sort of daze and most of it still seems like a dream.
  15. JJ230

    Ttr 230 Question

    Does anyone know if the CRF230 stiffer fork springs and the stiffer rear spring fit the TTR230? I'm wanting to upgrade the suspension and do the big gun exhaust.