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    Off road riding, the family, NHRA racing, surrounded by water and wildlife.
  1. ShibbyZ

    Problem riding in sandy washes

    Right with ya. I'm 48 and 5 years of riding. On a WR450F for 3. I ride in FL sand a lot a discovered turning in fork compression clickers 2-3 helps. Stiffer ride but short of 'harsh'. Less energy expended on both bike and rider. Good luck.
  2. ShibbyZ

    Make this thing turn

    What was the significant feel for the e-axle? I've looked into it, offers +/- 2 degrees. It's 500 clams for an offset clamp set. Do you use YZ wheel spacers when eliminating the speedo drive? Guess you'd spend the remaining $ buying a Vapor or something rounding out the total to a set of clamps? Just trying to get an idea because I ride in the FL sandbox and slow tech riding taxes me wrestling this beast. Thanks.
  3. ShibbyZ

    a exhausting question for you

    The '06 YZ is the difference, aluminum frame. The '06 WR is the same as the '05 YZ and the exhaust will mount the same back thru '03. I have a White Bros E2 on my WR450. Quiet, spark arrestor and really opened up some HP.
  4. ShibbyZ

    slow trails, bike runs way hot

    Well, if you 'crawl' a lot, drop a tooth on the counter-sprocket. I run a 13-49 final on my '06 now. I originally dropped the 14 for a 13-50 final drive. First gear was truly a tracor. I ride woods with single track and hill climbs, etc. The RPM has a chance to stay within the means of cooling in association with the lower gearing. Cheap investment for a counter sprocket. The WR has lots of wind to cover the big end.
  5. ShibbyZ

    First test ride on a 06 WR450F

    I've had my '06 since new. Free mods and a JD jet kit with a White Bros exhaust. It has never let me down. It reminds me of things I need not attempt. Nevertheless, It's a solid bike, able to compete with any. The fear of valve problems, or any problem for that matter, doesn't exist provided you maintain it. It's obvious it won't be an MX bike and that's not what I got mine for. It will do you proud.
  6. ShibbyZ

    Frame guards for 06 WR450

    Use some non-skid tape. Get it in sheets at your local hardware, Home Depot, etc. No damage to boots or paint. Works for me for a long time.
  7. ShibbyZ

    Frame guards for 06 WR450

    I use non-skid tape from Home Depot. Boots really get a grip and when they get a little ratty looking, a hair drier to remove it and replace with a new strip. Life long supply at a bargain price with no damage to the boots.
  8. ShibbyZ

    WR triple clamp options? Heavy steering...

    Oh yeah! Outside the box. I was looking at the the big catalog sales sites, not individual distributor/ manufacturers. 17 degree offset! Gotta be a major change. You guys are so lucky to plate yours. I haven't found a way in FL. Law states no off-highway will be titled for the street. I thought they may jump at the chance to get more revenue. I'd be more than happy to pay my annual fees and save fuel. Plus the 'fun meter' goes way up on the commute! Thanks.
  9. I love my 450F. Smooth linear power though really feeling somewhat heavy over the past couple of years riding it and having a chance to ride other bikes. I ride in sandy FL. It wears Michelin S12 on both ends. No additional weight has been added. I use a YZ rear fender. Suspension is stock. I have been riding my son's KTM EXC250 2T more because the 40 lbs. less has been a break. I've noticed more controlled steering with the KTM. Not as tired. What I'm wondering, is there an option for triple clamps to change the offset? The WR seems to take over and fight for the direction I want to go. Makes for more of a workout than I desire. I've got it set for my 185 lbs. Tried it softer but it wallows even more. Anyone tried a change? Maybe a Rekluse adjustable front axle? Rather not get a new bike when the WR is so good. I'd appreciate any advice.
  10. ShibbyZ

    Trying to install EE riser kit, can't get the..

    I have an inexpensive heat gun from an arts/ crafts type store works to loosen Loctite, heat fork tubes for seal changes, etc.A lot hotter than a hair drier. An impact driver (the kind you smack with a hammer) is invaluable. You're able to get them in 3/8 drive to accommodate your socket set.
  11. Third hot start. First kick w/ no throttle. It's intermission time! A cold beer and ponder the events to take place the remainder of the weekend.
  12. Thanks everyone! You're the greatest! My reed petals looked good. D&A the carb and really didn't see any obstruction. Vents are clear. Looked through my pilot with a loupe. Squirted through any passage I could access. Reassembled it and TWO KICKS! Adjusted AS and idle and let it heat up. Placed my carpet fan in front and was consumed by the sounds of fun to come. If there was any blockage, I took your advice anyway. I feel most certain it was my technique. It was too easy. I'm shakin' like a chihuaha that's gotta pee! A few more starts and I'll feel much better. Now the hard part. Do I ride tomorrow or stick with my plans to take the wife to the 27th annual Gold Cup MX? It's Biff Burger and hotrods afterwards. Now I can tackle the fork seals and heim joint (after I start it again). I've always read these forums since I got my '01 YZ250F. Moved on to the 450. And now the KTM. I've never really had much input, only absorbing the info. Again, you all are the best. I'll try and be more involved. I do need to learn how to post photos so you can view my rides.
  13. ShibbyZ

    ktm 200 radiator guards

    Are you referring to the plastic? If not, the Enduro Engineering (aka Moose Racing) cages are an excellent add without sacrificing any heat exchange. There are may to choose from. This is what I use in FL. All of these scrub oaks play havoc on our tiny radiators.
  14. I apologize. I left one out. The pipe is clear and the silencer has a fresh packing. This was done before I rode it because it was so loud. Thanks.
  15. Thanks everyone for the info. I have the carb off and will D&A tomorrow for a more thorough inpection. I plan to remove the reed valve again. I have a powerful penlight to poke in and look for light leaks. I did confirm the kill switch is not faulty. I'm most certain it's my technique as I can light up my four stroke at any time. Full throttle scares me as to easily flooding the thumper. Just new to this 2T and frustrated. I will use your advice and let you know. Thanks again. I have to admit the grin this KTM has given me only riding it once. Truly agile in the woods. My 450 weighs on me in anything technical, a big workout. Got a 21 year that loves it. My 16 year old patiently awaits.