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  1. z man

    Ktm 950 Sm

    I rode it too. You couldn't smack the grin off of my my face afterwards. From looking at the other guys who rode it, it would seem most other people had the same reaction. I own a 950 Adventure and have 35k miles on it so I am fairly familiar with the platform. The SM definitely has smoother power. It also handles way better, think Duke II from hell not modified 950 Adv. The Brakes were almost too much, I had too peel my eyeballs off of my goggles. For our area, SF bay area, this bike is going to ruin quite a few sportbike guy's days.
  2. z man

    SXV sighting

    I just saw the Aprilia SXV & Pegaso at Scuderia West in SF. The SXV just looks sooo tasy. Too bad Aprilia stripped the crank out before shipping.
  3. z man

    SXV & Pegaso sighting

    Scuderia West in SF just got in the Pegaso & SXV. The Pegaso might be a cool street bike? But the SXV is so tasty looking I almost wet myself. Here's hoping for a street version soon.