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  1. Is it possible to run both city streets and topo maps at the same time. And is anyone using garmin city streets. I'm will to temporarly trade my topo maps for a try at the city streets maps.
  2. Summerlin South On the hills
  3. I was looking at fredette racing the other day and they are making stator upgrades for the KDX220R. I also have a 05 and would like to run a little more at night.
  4. I have looked around I belive that its a 1156 bulb. You need to find one that had a 1 watt draw then go with a 35W high output bulb. It takes some work but the light is alot better than stock.
  5. Does anyone know what the rear sprocket is for a 05 TTR230 ? Plus what is the front sprocket ? Secondly has anyone tried a crf230 sprocket for the rear. I was looking for a bigger sprocket for my wifes TTR or 1 size smaller in the front to get a little more tourqe out of the motor. Thanks!!
  6. Fouling plugs? Never I ran my KDX in utah with a 140 main at 8,000 ft. That is the lowest I had and could still run it safely. I thought that I would for sure foul a plug at least every day but Never Never Never. It ran like a champ. I have had everything from a Xr250 CRF450 and KDX220 and for riding the hills and deserts here in Vegas I found I have the most fun on the KDX. Lots of hit when you need it and puts when called upon. You cannot go wrong with the Kawi. . I have not modded my bike except for removing the airbox lid and running Maxxis Desert's. Once again you cannot go wrong!!
  7. Anyone who knows anything about the KDX220 has probably replaced the piston first thing. If not 90 bucks and you have a new piston and gasket kit. Small price to pay for hours of fun and a little piece of security. I can only give you the Kawi side. Don't know much about the KTM.
  8. I know they stopped making them in 05. I had to look high and low and found one of the last ones in Utah. I have no Idea if they are still making them. I think its only 200's now.
  9. Just because there are no longer KDX's in production there are still 2 strokes being made. KTM etc. . . There will always be two stroke oil. . This comes along the same lines as when is the sun going to burn out. Not in this life time. Granted the EPA has stricter rules on emissions but even look at the new diesel trucks and the low sulfur fuel out there. Ride Ride and Ride. . I just sold my CRF450R after a year of putting good money into it just so I could add a KX500 to my arsenal. Ride on !!
  10. I have a used 05 oem tank $100.00 shipping in the us included. . PM me if interested!!!
  11. 50:1 40:1 32:1 etc. Nothing compares to good jetting. Work with your needle and float. Too many people try to "jet" their bikes by adjusting the ratios. Put in the effort and go for broke. Try Fredette racing and see what they recommend. I got some jetting help from them and it worked wonders. Dont overlook the pilot jet!
  12. Yeah Mike is pretty dialed and knows his stuff. I have had a few bikes worked on by him and his work is out of this world!!
  13. Thanks I was assuming that I would have a wire floated. Thanks I heard the BAJA designs kit is nice.
  14. How can one put a crf450X light on a R. I know all about the stator rewind and heavier flywheel, but is there a certain diagram out there that shows were to pull the power from? Any input would greatly help!! And secondly I have a 05 fuel tank for sale. Best offer takes it!!
  15. Planning on riding the trails starting out in Beaver. Does anyone have any info, help, ideas. That one would like to know prior to heading out. I will be packing everything in on MTC. Thanks!!