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  1. spinwerx

    Need help with diagnosis** 09 250SX

    Right on, thank you! Exactly the type of help I was looking for. Cheers!
  2. Hi all, I bought an 09 KTM 250SX with FMF Fatty and stock silencer. Bike runs great as is. I don't know the jetting specs yet, but I just put on a new FMF Q Stealth silencer, and it started smoking a little bit too heavily, even after warmup. Previous setup ran great with no smoke after warmup. Any ideas? The smoke is light and whitish. Thanks in advance for the expertise!
  3. spinwerx

    09 250SX as an offroad bike?

    thanks! Any issue with boilover on tight-technical stuff?
  4. spinwerx

    09 250SX as an offroad bike?

    I have an opportunity to buy an 09 250SX that's in perfect condition, almost zero hours, already valved for offroad by MX Tech and was wondering the various pros and cons for use as an offroad bike. I was hoping that some 2-stroke experts familiar with KTM 2 strokes could chime in, and if so, what does the bike need to make it off-road worthy? The price is unbeatable, and it would be a dedicated off-road bike. I've got a dedicated track bike. I've owned 2 previous KTMs, an 08 450XCF and an 06 525EXC. I'm tired of the weight of 4-strokes, though they were plenty fun to ride. Thanks in advance!
  5. spinwerx

    Ohlins Suspension Tech - Denver

    www.stillwellperformance.com He's south of Denver in Parker/Franktown.
  6. Unfortunately their stuff is price protected, meaning its near impossible to get a deal. Some parts places will discount at the counter, but you've got to ask. If you find somewhere that discounts, post up, since I'd like a new pair of Crossfires, too!
  7. spinwerx

    XC-F Spring Rates????

    .46 on the forks.
  8. spinwerx

    2008 ktm 450 xcf

    Like a champ... but if you're even slightly lean, it'll boil over. Make sure you're jetted properly and run a good coolant in the radiators. These bikes come off the factory floor jetted very lean.
  9. spinwerx

    GPR damper 2006 sxf250 question..

    Buy 10 mm or higher bar risers and they'll work. 5 mm are too low. Check www.enduroeng.com for bar riser kits.
  10. spinwerx

    Overheating 2009 450 XCF

    If it's lean, it'll definitely boil, especially if you're hard on the clutch. My solution was proper jetting and, for insurance, I ran Evans Race Coolant in my radiators. Evans is guaranteed not to boil over, but it doesn't keep the bike from running hot, so you're curing only a symptom, not the problem. You probably don't need Fluidyne radiators, but they will help. The factory guys run oversized radiators, but their bikes are also properly jetted. Start with the jetting first. After that, check your radiator cap. Occasionally, the radiator cap will go on these bikes, even though they physically appear normal. Also, the water pump seal goes out, and it'll boil endlessly if that happens as well. Try the checklist and somewhere along the line you'll cure the problem, though I suspect it's jetting related. After 31 hours, your valves should still be in check. After all, it's a KTM, not a Honda!
  11. spinwerx

    Most physicaly demanding sport

    I read an interview with Guy Cooper, where he used a heart rate monitor, took the data back to a doctor, and the doctor said it was impossible that he kept his heartrate at 190-200 bpm for a 30 minute moto. Behind the Tour de France, MX is the most physically demanding sport at the pro level.
  12. You can run it even lower than 7-8 psi, just keep the internal tube at 110 psi and you'll be fine.
  13. You don't need the straps, necessarily, but you should ride a couple of times with it on to get used to the feel. I've got the same brace, and I don't even notice it on, but it does take a few rides to get used to. It 'floats' over jumps, but won't bounce around. Enjoy!
  14. spinwerx

    Procircuit Exhaust

    "they" are both Pro Circuit and FMF. I believe their deal is 20% off all exhausts until March 20th.
  15. Acerbis Spider Evolution. It'll fit your bike.