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  1. 2009 Hutchins Motorsports Dual Sport Ride Spread the word to all your dual-sport buddies, this year’s ride is Saturday Oct. 10th. A scenic loop through Joshua Tree National Park’s dirt road sections, Barker Dam area, Geology Tour Road, Berdoo Canyon, Indio Hills, Thousand Palms Canyon and back through the mountains from Desert Hot Springs to Yucca Valley. Sign up and get your Roll Chart with all the turn by turn instructions at Hutchins Motorsports and join the group. Sign up & Riders Meeting will be between 8:30 - 9:00 AM, first bikes off at 9:30. 65 miles from start to lunch at In-N-Out, gas up, and 40 miles back to Hutchins Motorsports. This year’s ride is mostly dirt roads, jeep roads through some rocky canyons, and a few pavement sections. Bring your camera and anyone with a quiet, street legal dual sport bike and modest experience will have a great time. We should be back @ Hutchins by 3:30 PM. http://www.hutchinsmotorsports.com/
  2. http://www.10news.com/news/20653809/detail.html
  3. cbrcolin

    Broken e-start is driving me crazy

    What Brand of Battery do you have? I recently replaced mine with the OEM Yuasa Battery after that it cranks great. Some of the cheesy brands may not last long. I would not trust a battery test 100%. Maybe take a known good battery and install it.
  4. cbrcolin

    Honda Tran Oil

    I use the HP4, I get it from here: http://www.hondadirectlineofshadyside.com/stores/product.asp?pid=30&str=1&ID=372629115
  5. cbrcolin

    Weekly Weigh-in round 2, Who's in?

    I am up for it, currently weigh about 205. Ideally would like to loose 25 but that would be hard work.
  6. cbrcolin

    Battery time

    Wow your right! but how much is the shipping?
  7. My CRF... (was actually taken by me with camera on auto shoot) My other Bike...(taken by track photographer)
  8. cbrcolin

    450X Maintenance Schedule

    I am sure the maintenance schedule is intended for off road use, If you are primarily riding on the road you should be able to go a lot further between oil changes and other things. Don't you think?
  9. cbrcolin

    sproket size

    Where do you find a 12T front?