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  1. Great Riding, I Didn't See Him Get Passed Once.
  2. cmac21

    06 KX250F Valve Clearance ?

    2fittyjeff, don't put any type of valve lapping compound on your valves, they are titanium, or at least titanium coated, and any sort of compound will destroy the valve faces, them they will definately wear out.
  3. cmac21

    finding nuetral?

    Thanks for the replies, I was just wondering if other people have the same problem. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I'll just have to wait until I burn up the stock one, and put in an aftermarket clutch. Anyone out there with an aftermarket clutch have this problem?
  4. cmac21


    I know all you guys are raving about all these pipes, but what are you going to do when all the sound restrictions come and you won't be able to use them? I have an 05 250f with the fmf Q2 and honestly there wasn't that big of difference from stock. It has more bottom and only killed the top a little bit, just have to keep up my corner speed a little more.
  5. cmac21

    finding nuetral?

    Have an 05 kx250f and can't get it to shift into nuetral at a stop while the engine is running. I thought maybe it would get better after the clutch had some time on it. I have a season of riding on it and it still has to be rolling for me to be able to put it in nuetral when the engine is running. Anybody else have this problem? some help would be appreciated.
  6. cmac21

    One's tight and the rest are out??(valves)

    The best fix I have heard about is to get rid of the titanium valves and put the steel valves from kibblewhite in. They won't get beat up by the hard seats, but I don't know which is more expensive, replacing the seats with bronze ones or putting steel valves in.
  7. cmac21

    low compression

    I would check your valve clearance first. Tight valves (usually intakes) will cause you to lose compression.
  8. cmac21

    Endurocross local enduro-cross

    I recently raced an enduro-cross that was put on at a county fair in Nebraska. It was a blast to ride. The guys that built the track raced the event that was put on in Rapid City, SD. We are currently looking to put on another race in central NE. If you ever get the chance to race one of these don't miss it, you will be amazed at how fun of a race you have. If anyone else knows of any other local events going on let me know.