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  1. I've got a set for sale in the classifieds
  2. You can buy a compilation of articles from here:
  3. Check out post #2: 50301090250 Clamp protector guide '98 5460139000030 Fork protection guide R/S '97 5460129000030 Fork protection guide L/S '97 another 50301090250 Clamp protector guide '98 Middle 50301093000 Fork protector R/S black '97 Bottom 50301092000 Fork protector L/S black '97 all are from KTM 250EXC bikes.
  4. I like them. I think they look better than the stock rubber things, so far the fork tubes are undamaged so they must be doing their job. I do put on some seal savers when I go dirt bikin' which is most of the time.
  5. If you think that bike is sweet check out this peach - only $8,000! check out the front end transplant and suweet welding.
  6. I missed your post earlier, Heres the only other photo I have at the moment.
  7. Check out the votes - not much opposition on either side, just a badly written bill when it comes to motorcycles
  8. I've got a 661 pressure suite xxl that is a tad too large on me, but still works (I need to work out my upper body and fill it in). 6'1 250lbs. I wear it all the time and forget its there.
  9. This bill was passed in 2008
  10. I have a reCluse - I love it. I mostly do tight technical trails up and down hills.
  11. I can't remember what size tube I used - just heavy duty. I only run 1 rim lock and the tire around 12 psi. So far no problems or flats at all, I only use it offroad though. You'll be amazed at the grip! I see some people are now using the nuetech tubeless system and running really low pressures:
  12. Here's mine
  13. Bit of a late reply, but I use a trials tire (dunlop) on my KLX and I love it. Works great for typical wet & slippery NW riding.
  14. I've got the ventura pack system for my street bike: I'm going to get the brackets to make it work with my DRZ as well. This system is nice since the bike remains narrow. The pack goes on and off the rack in seconds.
  15. Please report back after a few months of gas in these tanks! I've got a thrashed clarke tank that I'll do this to if the gas doesn't bubble the paint on these plastic tanks.