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  1. MetalMan1729

    The future of motocross is bleak

    It doesn't help that a new bike costs 10k these days, a full set of gear will run you 1 or 2k, dealers rape people on parts and labor, and so on. The sport has always been expensive, but the cost has definitely risen faster than the average income. As far millennials and kids, they'll be just fine. I can just imagine guys 30 years ago complaining that "most of the kids nowadays can't even adjust a set of points anymore". And 100 years ago, "most kids today can't even clean a horses hoof and re-shoe it anymore". And on and on... I work a job that is very physically demanding and highly technical. You have to know how to wrench and how to work with complex electrical circuits. The majority of my co-workers are under 30.
  2. MetalMan1729

    Advice dressing wound

    MetalMan cuts his hand like in the above picture. He then says to himself, "Maybe I should've been wearing my gloves when I stabbed myself with my tweaker". Then MetalMan puts his work gloves on without doing anything else. Then he takes them off when the bleeding stops.
  3. MetalMan1729

    Show me your...BETA !

    '16 300 RE I generally don't do much to my bikes anymore. Just add some bark busters and go ride....
  4. MetalMan1729

    Is the stroke coming back?

    I am aware of those, we were thinking of something that would make a compact high performance motorcycle engine...
  5. MetalMan1729

    Is the stroke coming back?

    A few months back my brother and I performed an extensive thought experiment to see if an internally lubricated 2-stroke was theoretically possible. We came to the conclusion that it was, but it was ultra-complicated. Most notably, it would need to be a twin cylinder design, but only one of them would be used for combustion.....
  6. I LOVE these monstrous things. You see, there is more separation between us and these morons than there was when they rode quads. Quadtard numbers have dropped from what I can tell. They seem to have all traded up for razors and the like. These things are so big, they have to stick to the roads, no choice for them. And, they generally don't stray that far from camp. The quadtards screwed up good doubletrack, and even wandered off into the singletrack if they could. But ever since they traded up for these razors the size of jeeps, or bigger, they generally stick to the roads. I see less quads, and these UTV's have zero capability of going where the good riding is. If you have razors on your trails, your trails suck anyway. No razors here, KTM's on the other hand....
  7. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

  8. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

    Yep. They had a few four strokes left.
  9. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

    Yep!!! He never should have let me ride it. I would have been content with my 450.
  10. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

    It's the same one they've had for months.... I'm super glad I saw that demo you posted though. I told them about it and said I was headed that way. It might have helped in getting the 900 bucks off what Apex had on the sticker.
  11. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

    Pretty sure my bank account is going to take a hit today.... Don't worry clint, I didn't go to loveland either...lol
  12. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

    Shawn is a beta dealer, or at least used to be. Pretty sure he rides a 300rr himself. Not really sure how he stays in business. I try to buy oil and little things like that from him, but it's not much....
  13. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

    I was planning on going to Apex tomorrow, before heading up to Denver, to see if they still have theirs....
  14. MetalMan1729

    Why should I buy a Beta 300rr?

    I'm going to DIA tomorow to pick up my brother from the airport. Might take a little drive north afterwards....
  15. MetalMan1729

    Best bang for buck MX boots?

    SG-11's on closeout for 360 bucks at Rocky Mountain.