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    motor question

    Well it is actuallu a sikk 107 engine in the bike right now and it is the transmission that is the problem. First and second gear went out on it. Could this possibly be an easy fix? I don't know how it happened unfortunatley because my "friend" was borrowing it at the time and who knows what he did to it!
  2. So I am looking for a replacment motor for my 01 xr 50 and right now I have 2 choices. The first being a lifan 70 cc motor for $100. Otherwise I could buy a running 1969 z50 and take the motor out of that for $200. What is the difference between the old z 50 engines and the new xr/crf engines? Also how are the 70cc lifan engines? I know honda engines are uch stronger but I am not sure about this one being so old. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!!!!