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  1. Yamaha

    anyone going?
  2. i was wondering if its to hot to go?
  3. Yamaha

    alba and rolldesign
  4. Yamaha

    curtis sparks ,pro design filter kit, all the way!
  5. Yamaha

    roll design makes a great stem and anti vibe system all different options great stuff i also run there long travel frontend 3+1 with elka shocks check them out
  6. Yamaha

    just got back make sure u stop at the car wash on grand or u will get rust all over your quad trust me my friend dident listen to me and his axel rusted
  7. Yamaha

    web cams make awesome power i have had both hot and web, web pulls way harder!
  8. i have web cams in my 450 now and i perfer them over the hot cams, i also have a 13/1 weisco piston curtis sparks pipe prodesign filter makes great power all through band
  9. Yamaha

    curtis sparks pipe makes awesome power no problems here.
  10. Yamaha

    i did the mod and it felt great but also think it was the curtis sparks pipe
  11. Yamaha

    i run the pro design and ive had no problems
  12. Yamaha

    white bros.