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  1. jr7

    TE450 2006 oil leak question

    get a jd jet kit it will fix the bog
  2. jr7

    06 TE 250 Jetting?

    I just jeted T.C 250 went from 35 leek to 70 as sugested by JD took care of bog 175main 45piolet obdvr 4th grove fuel screw 3 out
  3. jr7

    Update on Reiter Pit from Stumpjumpers

    They own it and the lower gravel parking area
  4. jr7

    2004 te250 problems

    Pull airfilter out and backfire screen look for oil in bottom of airboot if you tipover or crash oil will go from rockercover to airboot and cause it to smoke and or run poor
  5. jr7

    04 TC 450 Lighting output?

    T.C.450 has same lighting output as KTM EXC 4st around 80 wats
  6. jr7

    04-06 Husky Parts Compatibility?

    yes 04, 05 4 stroke wheels, radiators, subframe, and shocks will fit. 06 2 stroke wheels and shocks will fit. 06 triple trees and forks are larger 50 mm vs. 45
  7. Yes it'll fit right on i put one on mine also i put kx 500 1.6 rad cap and 1.2 05 headgasket on now i have no overheating troubles.