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  1. After a brief look through the owners manual of my new bike i was a little horrified to discover Honda recomend the Piston and Rings be replaced every 15hrs.... Is there anything other than the loss of power that is likely to be effected if i at least double this interval...or just wait till it starts to lose compression before getting this seen to???? I can cope with doing the valve clearances every 1000k's or so, but a whole new piston and rings every 6 months seems a bit excessive! While im here i wouldnt mind hearing if anyone has managed to find some good settings for the suspension for a 95kg rider. Ive only racked up 65k's so far but the front end feels a little dicey, not nearly as planted as my XR400?? At this stage all settings are stock, will get the static sag dialled in tomorrow but not sure were to go from there tho?
  2. Does anyone have a link to the JD website???? If they have one...
  3. Does anyone know what the hole in the right side of the motor is for on the 450x????? Just wondered
  4. Coat hanger for excess BLING!!!
  5. I just got my new four fiddy x yesterday, complete with those hand guards. Im sure youll be able to order them from Honda!!
  6. Hi all, Have just got my bike back after having a high compression piston installed and was wondering how would be the best way to run in the new piston....i plan to do around100k's on the new piston then drop the oil.....do i need to do anything in addition to this??? Any advice that can be offered on this would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers
  7. Dude, i really think you owe me that bit of my allowed monthly download back..... I got more of a rush out of looking at your Avatar!
  8. Nice one...Were was it taken...looks like some prime aussie bush! I love BOOSH!
  9. Hmmm that explains a lot, including my ignorance :-) Will have a chat to someone who actually knows poo from ice cream when it comes to suspension and give some heavier springs a shot! Thanks for the tip!
  10. Maybe at 93 kilos i'm just too fat, the under side of my bashplate has been absolutely tortured...... Since when did riding trails become the easy life for a dirt bike anyway? WR's were also designed for trail riding and they some how managed to get kick ass suspension!
  11. Good info thanx, unfortunately if it's gonna cost you guys $400 in the states it would be like the cost of a whole new bike in oz...oh well!
  12. hmmm sounds expensive, for cosmetics anyway! Thought maybe you got em standard like that.....
  13. Just buy the one that gives you the biggest bone
  14. Oh yeah...there is nothing like stuffing an xr up the inside of 450exc or a wr and giving em a good hosing as you make them wonder why thier doing twice as much maintenance as you are and why thier bike cost shitloads more than yours did, having said that tho i'm always ten times more stuffed than anyone else after hauling the xr around at ten tenths all day but i can live with that for now and i don't have to listen to the...it's coz you got a faster bike than me bullshit...i fu--ing love it
  15. Dude whats with the tanks you guys get on your xr's, that looks awesome, if that after market?