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  1. when I got my 'BSA in a basket' it had no title. it was last registered in 1973. I found a place in Alabama you ''sell'' the bike too. In AL all you need is a bill of sale for any vehicle 8 yrs old or older. they send you a 'bill of sale' then you fill it out...send it back , and they send you a AL tag/ title ETC . In Ohio you take the veh to a insp station where they verify the VIN , then the OH title was issued. This 'service' cost me 100.00 in 1988. They advertize in 'Wallneck's classic cycle trader' . hope this helps? Dave
  2. Ferriswheel

    XR 650R Crotch Rocket?

    I would rather have a 89/90 ? GB 500. for that ...looks like a 50's norton 500 single. That 'road race' 650 has a intresting pipe set up ? Doesn't look like that one gets muddy?
  3. bought the 83 XL 600 in early july 05 W/ 11,300 mi . Has 12714 as of today , mostly from 52 mi round trips to work. 'just broken in''? Realy liking 62 MPG !!! Not much off road, just getting stuck in creeks , slow woods and fun stuff on weekends. maybe 20 miles of '' Quality mudding LOL''? Most farmers/ landowners don't want people riding on their land around here...scared of lawsuits.