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  1. hey scott, what kind of handguard/mount set up are you running?
  2. according to my gps, the recorded max speed was 108 mph with 14/51 gearing.
  3. all i know is in the woods i can ride my 250x faster than my 250 2-stroke. work on the jetting, it does wonders.
  4. doing fork seals isnt all that bad, can be time consuming your first time though. you can also use the old fork seal as a driver. if you are gonna take is to a shop call around. i got quoted $200 in labor(not including seals and oil) went to another place and they told me $85......quite a big difference.
  5. heres my garage
  6. it doesnt say on their website, but i could have sworn it said it was a 250x frame. and the cr500af is the 250r frame i think.
  7. i just had a similar problem, it wouldnt start with the estart or kick over. every now and again i would get a backfire. i could bump start it and it ran fine. then i checked valves, they were out of spec........shimmed it and started up like it was brand new.
  8. my 250x took a spill and wont start now. i can bump start it but the kick and electric start wont start it. ive changed the spark plug and thats about it. any suggestion? thank you.