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  1. Took a few photos of the track last week http://www.empowernetwork.com/davespaulding/blog/motocross-track-photos-utah-national-round-11-miller-motorsports-park/?id=davespaulding
  2. waldo12

    getting over just hitting a jump

    You might pick up a few ideas here: http://www.empowerne...d=davespaulding
  3. waldo12

    Anyone in AZ been through emmisions with their X?

    I Have a fuel treatment that I run in my bike with every tank. I know people who have failed there State emmissions test in there vehicle. they put this in run it a week or two and pass with no other adjustments. Pm me for the info. and copys of the test results.
  4. with the new crop of 2010's assuming you have rode both.
  5. waldo12

    Torn rotater recovery

    I crashed on a triple about 8 weeks ago and took the hit with my right shoulder and side. I had a big bruise on my hip and injured my kidney ( High bun and creatine) 8 days later I crashed again. My bike started swapping and I could not hold on to it because of my right shoulder. This time I took the hit on my left shoulder. I should have taken some time off at this point or sooner but the weather was great and it looked like it was going to snow for the winter so I went ahead and got in one more good hit to the right shoulder before I quit for a few weeks. My shoulders have both hurt equally bad since. I have been doing some stretches and that seems to help a little, Exercises but not all exercises seem to inflame them worse. 3 weeks ago I went and discussed the whole situation with my doctor and he ran a few tests he told me 99% two torn rotater cuffs. Options surgery and two months rehab each or 9-12 months to heal. go ahead and ride if you can stand it, dont crash anymore. gave me a prescription for some steroid pack (6,5,4,3,2,1) that would give me some dramatic relief which it did and I actualy did a 3 day motocross weekend with no serious pain or problems. Now the inflamation is back I can some what control it with Ibuprofin but this is bad for my kidneys, which the bun and creatine are going down but still high. I have kind of stange shooting pains that go down my biceps and triceps and can really sting at times usually when I have to move or respond quickly for example I am riding pulling back on the bars and suddenly I have to take a hit that forces me to push on the bars it stings so bad that I just let go of the bars and crash thats why I crashed the last two times. I am 44 years old and a complete idiot any recomendations?
  6. waldo12

    Warp 9 complete rear wheel

    I Have a couple of friends that have tried them for motocross, the rim bends in about 2 rides. the sprocket lasts slightly longer. the rep says they are supposed to start using better material.
  7. waldo12

    Honda Throttle

    The throttle housing is bad, Its hard to detect, but put a new one on or try one off another honda and see if it fixes it.