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  1. budco37

    2004 CRF250R jetting

    So i just checked the jets and the 140 has to be right because it is definitely smaller than the 160. Does anybody know of any problems that would cause the bike to run rich even with that small of a main?
  2. budco37

    2004 CRF250R jetting

    I took the spark plug out on my bike and it was black. I know this means it is running rich but what gets me is like i said there was a supposedly 140 main in it. My guess would be that the jet has been drilled out. We tried using drill bits to see if it really was a 140 but we were not able to tell. Do you know of any other reasons why the bike would be hard to start the first time. Would it being to rich cause this problem?
  3. I was trying to see if anyone has advice on jetting a 2004 CRF250R. It has a built engine with a Wiesco stock compression pistion and a Hotcam Stage 1 cam. About a month ago we had new valves put it and the valve seats cut. It also has an aftermarket air filter. Right now it has a 40 pilot, 140 main, 68 starter and the needle is on the 3rd clip down. For some reason the bike is hard to start at first even compared to other 2004 CRF250R's. However once the bike is ridden some and the engine is warm it starts right up. I wanted to know if there was anything a change in jetting could do to make it easier to start initially. Thanks for any advice.
  4. budco37

    What is meant by "Service Limit" ?

    I appreciate your response but, those number are in thousands, not MM. I am using new rings, piston etc. I've been a mechanic for too dang long to leave anything for chance that the manufacter puts out, especially building engines. The compression ring that came with the wiseco piston is .011 out of the box. It just seems to me that those numbers are pretty loose for new rings. Heck, when we build briggs motors for kart racing we set the compression ring at .0015 to .003. Anyone else ? thx. Bud
  5. I rebuilding the motor on my son's 04 CRF250R and I'm checking the ring gap in the factory service manual. It shows the service limit for the top ring as .017 and the oil ring as .035. To me service limit sounds like the maximum allowable. Do they mean that's what your supposed to set them to? Sounds like a pretty big ring gap to me. Most state set ring gap between .xxx and .xxx. Can someone who knows help me out here ? thx. Bud
  6. I'm rebuilding / building the engine on my crf250r and I want to get a hotrod put on . None of the local shops in my area can split the crank and rebalance. Is there someone out there than can steer me in the right direction? The crank is out and ready to go. Is the hotrod the best aftermarket rod to use ? You can email me direct if you'd like @ budco37@sc.rr.com Thanks in advance for your help..... budco37