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    jeting help pls 640sm with fcr

    Well its hard to put it in words but it just doesn't sound good the spark plug reading shows it is to reach the mixture jet is opened 1.5 turns out and the air jet 2.5 turns out when I move from full throttle to 1/4 it gives out popping noises can you tell by your experience if the jeting is reasonable o.k thanks
  2. Hello to all of you im yaniv I don’t write here to much but use this forum for Good source of knowledge to work on my bike But now I need some advice on how to tune up my bike The bike is 2002 ktm lc4 sm with fcr41 carb and the LC4 Competition Silencer From the hard parts catalog I bought it second hand and it came of 95 ktm duke and it has the sudco sticker on it Now I cant get the dam thing to work as it should the setting on it now is Needle type : ocem r second groove from the top Maine air jet : 200 Starting jet : 60 Ideal jet : 50 Main jet : 170 I am at sea level Any help to solve this will help thanks