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    TTR-250 Starting Problems (battery?)

    Bought a 2005 TTR250 new on 8/31/2005. Rode it around the yard a few times but working on a new house so no time for the bike until May 2006. Didn't put it on a charger over Vermont winter. Rode it a teeny bit in Fefruary, started OK then. Before riding it again I added a brake light switch and baja designs tag holder / brake light / tail light to get it street legal. Tested it a little off the battery. Then of course bike wouldn't crank over. Got a trickle charger and charged at 2 amp (maybe a mistake) until green charger light came on (fully charged). Would barely crank over and wouldn't start. Jump started it and rode for 45 min. Still wouldn't start. Had Yamaha "test" and charge the battery. Same result. If I leave the charger on (2 amp) and crank it, it will fire. Also it did fire once unaided on a really warm day. I'm thinking bad battery (insuffucient charge capacity) and not starter or rectifier contact problems. When I charge at 2 amp it always says fully charged in 20 min or less, and gets a little warm. Maybe I should charge it at 1 amp instead. Before I get a new battery (maybe even one from a WR450) any other suggestions?