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  1. motopsychoyzf

    2006 YZ250F Gearing

    I got a 13 front a 50 rear for christmas. I hope the 50 isnt to much bottom.
  2. motopsychoyzf

    New 2006 yz250f question

    Mine did the same thing when I would let it idle. I Dont let it sit and idle as long and I havent had the problem since.
  3. motopsychoyzf

    2006 YZ250F Starting Issues -- Fixed

    This is my first 250F also. I had the same problem.My dad was really pi$$ed because he didnt want a 250f in the first place, but my fix was just to push the kick starter down and then let it back up and then one good kick and it fired right up.
  4. motopsychoyzf

    Clutch Not Working...?

    Yeah we also messed with that spinning it fowards and backwards, I guess I'll have to go mess with it some more, till I get it where it neededs to be.
  5. motopsychoyzf

    Clutch Not Working...?

    How is this set up for racing? I was on the gate pulled the clutch in put it in gear the bike jump foward stalled, I had to kick this thing and then take off, The clutch didnt seem to be working at all the whole race.
  6. motopsychoyzf

    Clutch Not Working...?

    Will that tip work on the 2006 YZ250F? I had had a race today and was having the same problems of the bike still moving, Even when the clutch was all the way to the bar it still happened. My Dad and I tried adjusting the slack and tension in the cable but nothing.thanks
  7. motopsychoyzf

    Post Pics Of Your New Yz 250f!! Please

    Why should I take it off?
  8. motopsychoyzf

    Post Pics Of Your New Yz 250f!! Please

  9. motopsychoyzf

    Best deal on 06 YZ250F

    I got mine for $6800 OTD. I almost bought 2 different bikes from cali they wanted $7500
  10. motopsychoyzf

    '06 250F aftermarket goods.....

    I was thinking about how the Rad braces would work. I am not quite sure where they would bolt too. They might be some long braces.
  11. motopsychoyzf

    2006 250F = Chassis Problems??

    yeah and most racer have the suspension set up any ways and that makes it handle alot better.
  12. motopsychoyzf

    2006 250F = Chassis Problems??

    the 05's YZ's idnt have problems with the aluminum frame so I cant see the 2006 YZF's having a problem.
  13. motopsychoyzf

    06' YZ250F ride assesment

    I got my 06 yzf a few nights ago. It sounds beefy and nothing like the twmx video.
  14. motopsychoyzf

    06' YZ250F ride assesment

    thanks for the review. Now I really cant wait any longer for the bike.
  15. they are probably out riding still...lol