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    Too lean???

    I called my local shop and they didnt have any in stock, so it should be here next week sometime. I'll have to check out the needle jet like you said Dave. Like I said before, I have noticed a few very tiny brass filings on the float. I'll take another look at it this weekend. Thanks!

    Too lean???

    Is the needle jet wearing out something common?? Would what you are calling the needle jet also be referred to as the Main Nozzle?? I am looking at the exploded diagram, and it looks like that is what the main jet screws into.

    Too lean???

    Oh, OK, I'm sorry, I see what you are saying now. Now that you mention that, there was very tiny brass pieces in my bowl. I wonder if it could have been from the needle jet?

    Too lean???

    I understand what the needle is, but I am wondering how it could be wore out if it is brand new??

    Too lean???

    The needle is brand new right out of the JD kit. Do you think maybe my fuel screw could be bad?? the o-ring was torn on it, but i replaced it last night. I think it is working because I am getting different results by turning it.

    Too lean???

    I have been talking with Mr. Dean and he has given me a few suggestions, but my bike keeps rejecting them. My current conditions are a 2006 RMZ 450, Full Yoshi RS-2 Stainless exhaust, twin air filter, Power Now Valve, Boyeson Quickshot, I did have an I-CAT but when I put my bike on the dyno it was showing that the I-CAT was creating too much spark and make the tach go crazy, so I moved it for the time being. I am at Elevation 1500 ft, 35 Pilot, JD Blue dot needle on 3rd postion from top, fuel screw out 1.5 turns, and a 185 main. The bike has instant throttle response and pulls hard all the way through. I did a plug chop test and it is tan low on the ceramic. My question though, does this sound like too lean of a set up? James wanted me to put a 40 or 42 pilot back in and run the red top needle on the 5th position down from top. I tried this and cranking on it right off of throttle created a bwaaah then it would take off. Right now it's instant. I am very pleased with the way it is running, but I dont want to burn this thing up if I am too lean. I have tried everything from a 35 - 45 pilot, both red and blue needles with mulitiple clip placement and 175-185 main jets. Any suggestions?

    06 full yoshi question

    I Just Ran Into The Same Situation Yesterday. It Has Been Popping Pretty Bad When I Let Off Of Wot, So I Went And Bought A New Exhaust Gasket For It. My Bike Came With The Yoshi Pipe When I Bought And Never Had It Off Until Now. I Did Notice That The Header Fit Into The Head Nicely, But The Gasket Was Missing. I Re-installed The Gasket And Your Right, It's Hard To Get The Nuts Started. It Will Work Though With The Gasket, It Just Takes A Little Time To Make It Fit.

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Thanks for posting my pic for me. Still not real sure how to do it. Here is a couple links for what you are looking for in a polish and compound. http://www.ecklers.com/product.asp?pf_id=35904&dept_id=126 http://www.iowa80.com/iowa80/shop?method=product&prodid=26822 http://www.iowa80.com/iowa80/shop?method=category&catid=BUFFBARS-9 You can probably find these products somewhere cheaper. I usually get my stuff from a truck stop. The site for the compound shows different types and what they are used for. It says green is for stainless steel but it seems to work pretty good for aluminum. Hope this helps.

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Yeah, I Actually Bought This Bike Used From Another Tt Member. He Had Invested Alot Of Money Into It. It Was Set Up For Motorcross And I Had To Add My Finishing Touch For Trail Riding. I Dont Care For The Yellow Tank Either. I'll Probably Get Rid Of The Tank And Get New Graphics For Next Season. Spent The Allowance From The Wife Already.

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Haha, It Took Me About 12 Hours Last Weekend To Do That. I Had An 02' Crf 450 That I Polished Too And I Debated On Doing This One But I Finally Broke Down And Did. I Took 220 Wet/dry To The Bottom Portion Then Went Over It Again With 400 Then 1000 Then 1500 To Finish It Off. The Top Part I Just Went Over With 1000 Then 1500. My Old Man Drives Truck For A Living So I Borrowed His Buffer And Compound (yellow Wheel And Green Compound) Then Finished It Off With Busch Polish (best Aluminum Polish If Have Found). He Knows All The Tricks For Making Aluminum Looking Good. Oh Yeah It's Alot Easier When The Bike Is Tore Down But Being Riding Season I Didn't Feel Like Doing That. I'll Really Polish It Up This Winter. I'll Have Some Good Dirty Pics For Ya After The Weekend, I Have Some From Last Weekend But That Was Before I Polished The Frame.

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    FAIRLY NEW TO THIS, SO HERE'S THE LINK. http://www.geocities.com/matthewbooks450/RMZ450.html?1178641582552?20078

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    HERE'S MY 06'

    What coolent do you guys run?

    I just recently bought a RMZ 450, but my last bike was a 2002 CRF 450 which was prone to puking coolant all of the time. You couldn't let it sit and idle for more than 30 seconds and you had a pool of coolant on the ground. I purchased the Zip Ty waterless coolant also and the bike never boiled out again. The stuff is guaranteed and reusable. I am going to soon run it in my RMZ just as a precaution.

    tank insert?

    The same thing happened to me and on both top bolts in the tank holding the shrouds on. I had to end up drilling the head of the bolt off. The problem that you are running into is that the bolt is too long and is bottoming out in the brass collar. Once the pressure is released by drilling off the head of the bolt then the rest of the bolt will unthread with your fingers. When you go to replace the bolt just find one that is alittle bit shorter and you shouldn't have anymore problems. Oh and by the way to fix the collar, I used a soldering gun and heated the tank plastic around the collar, working the plastic back into place to keep it from spinning. Good Luck!!