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  1. Okay my suspension should be back on saturday or monday. If I get it tomorow I will give a ride report sunday night. If it shows up monday then I will do one on tuesday. The suspension was definately messed up though and several parts were worn and in desperate need of replacement. I also needed fork springs. I feel that the price was more than fair if the suspension is as good as I think it will be.
  2. I am sending it to smart performance inc on monday morning. I just got off the phone with dave at smart performance and after talking to him I wouldn't send my suspension to any one else.
  3. I dont flat land from 12' high. I land up on a 12' cliff so its about a 4-5 drop to the flat. Its not so much the big hits that are harsh its the small bumps, whoops and corners. I can usually hit 5th tapped on a 250f through the bumps down the straight away at the track or 4th wound out on my old mans ktm 250xc. I get really bad arm pump and almost wreck when I try to ride the yz fast. It has to be that the guy who tryed to revalve the forks screwed them up. I am going to mess with the settings and see if I can get the suspension better. If not I will send it off for a revalve. If it is still not good after a revalve then I will sell it and buy a KTM.
  4. Thanks! I will give it a try on saturday. I should have also mentioned I mainly ride FMX and this saturday will be my first jump with a real landing. I usually just set it up to a 12' cliff and flat land. But we built a 15' tall landing.
  5. Ok so I guess I will pass. Where should the big nut on the shock be adjusted to? I have it 3/4 of a turn out. I am 165 lbs. and I am one of the faster guys at the track. I mainly just ride around and hit jumps though because with my suspension being as bad as it is riding the track sucks.
  6. I bought a used 06 yz250 and the guy I bought it from said his buddy revalved the forks. Well they are really crappy! I have not owned a yamaha since I was on an 80 and I here all these good things in magazines about how good the suspension is. Well it sucks on my bike compared to an 03 and 04 crf250 and an 08 ktm 250xc. I think that guy must have messed it up because its so bad. Now to my question will sub tanks help the forks at all? I plan to get a revalve in the near future but I can get a set of enzo carbon subtanks that are new for $200 and if they will help alot I dont want to pass that up but if they dont make much of a difference I will just pass and send my suspension off early.
  7. so a connecting rod even though its a different part # will work off of an 03 on an 02?
  8. I am in the same boat. My 02 wr needs a new crank and aftermarket only sales one for an 03-05. Will an 03 wr crank fit an 02?
  9. The tank thing is kind of funny check it out here http://******************/p3fueltanks.html
  10. I heard that the E line CF guards are not near as thick as the P3 racing CF. I know that P3 made the older E line guards but e line makes the new ones and they skimp on the CF. I only want to buy a pipe guard onece so I dont mind spending the $$$. I have read to many bad things about the hyde racing setup so know its steel vs carbon fiber.
  11. which would you recomend then?
  12. I have a 2006 yz250 and I dented my PC platinum 2 really bad so I am going to replace it with a stock 2007 pipe that I bought off of ebay. Well I dont want to dent another pipe so I am going to buy a pipe guard as well. Which would you recomend? I was looking at the hyde racing pipe/skid plate but I already have a works connection skid plate, but if its the best protection I will just buy it anyways. I like the look of the p3 carbon guards but I dont want one thats going to be disposable. Then there is the aluminum ones there cheap but wont they dent with the pipe........ I ride on the river bar so there is alot of rocks thrown at it so it needs to be tuff.
  13. It seems like an aluminum pipe guard would just dent with the pipe but thats just an assumption. I used to have a carbon fiber one on my KTM 200 and it seemed to work good. But the frame protected the pipe from being smashed so all it was, was a rock guard. I wonder if a pipe guard really prevents smashing that left side of the pipe(clutch side).
  14. I have the platinum2 and I think its a joke... If you just fall over it sticks out so much one the left side(clutch side) that you will dent it. Mine has a small hole in it because its dented so bad. I bought the bike used so I dont know what the stock pipe is like but this pipe makes the bike run good but has a horrible shape. It might just be a characteristic of yamaha's though because on KTM they are protected by the frame.
  15. the cam chain has plenty of tension on it..... Is there supposed to be oil on the flywheel side of the bike? Because I pulled the fly wheel cover and there is was oil in there..... I have never seen a bike that has oil on the flywheel side.