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  1. rockymountain250f

    Looking for riding buddies

    Go to kremling if you like desert style riding plus there are a bunch of hill climbs.
  2. rockymountain250f

    problems with yama-lube "R"

  3. rockymountain250f

    Turbo charger

    I was looking in the back of the Dirt Rider and saw a weird turbo kit by pulse racing.What do you guys think.
  4. rockymountain250f

    Moving to Dillon MT

    There is a bunch of riding up on ute pass and keiser ridge which are about a half hour from dillon. And Kremling has some of the best riding ever, there is sand, hard pack,some of the radest hill climbs I have ever seen. And there is a 50 track but Stay off with the big bikes. If you have any questions give me a call I have family all over summit county and we ride all the time. The yamaha dealer in silverthorn is pretty good too they know there stuff. Brandon 720-277-5484
  5. I have a o5 yz 250f with stock suspension i was wonder what mods should be done for rider my size. i was think about sending my fork to pro circuit. But that gets pricy. i would like to but some works factory conection but dont realy know what rates and such. i love to fly through the woops. HELP
  6. rockymountain250f

    cr250 to yz250f will i miss the power?

    You can make a 250f faster than a stock cr25O. big bore cam valve head mods your there.
  7. rockymountain250f

    Tempted by the dark side...

    yz has beter bottom end due to the 5 valves. Stick with the original. The first the best
  8. rockymountain250f


    your bike is made for unleaded fuel unless you put softer valve seats in
  9. rockymountain250f

    2007(?) Fuel Injected YZ250F

    I herd the ama wont allow efi plus i herd it weighs alot5 more lbs would be worth it 2 me. I would love efi though i ride between 5000 and 1200 feet i am always rejetting. They should make it a option or someone should make a aftermarket efi. Efi would help 2 smokes run a little cleaner too.
  10. rockymountain250f

    Ice racing in georgetown colorado

    Does any one know a website for the motorcycle ice racing at georgetown lake. I wanted to know what classes there are and what as to be used for studs and so forth. All i can seem to find is 4x4ice racing.I have a ttr-225 that i think would do pretty good plus i dont care about dumping it every 5 min. A
  11. rockymountain250f

    Anybody ride in the Fairplay or South Park area?

    go to taylor park some of the hardest single track in colorado.
  12. rockymountain250f

    need help with my carb! and Jetting

    move your clip up a notch. Helped me alot. I CANT WAIT FOR FUEL INJECTION.
  13. rockymountain250f

    Anyone still doing BK Mods to 250F's??

    I cant wait for fuel injection
  14. rockymountain250f

    What kind of oil do you use?

    Bell-Ray 20-40 in the summer 10-40 in the winter
  15. rockymountain250f

    Tire Poll (For trail/enduro riding)

    starcross mh3