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    '03-05 yz250f differences.

    So the suspension is pretty much as good on all of them?
  2. Basicly i dont think it looks very nice with extensions and the trailer itself will look too fat for the car. I want to be able to use any car to tow it. Also my road home is tight and twisty, not an advantage to be wide sort of speak, some damn people cant drive close to the ditch and i have to drive on the very edge not to crash when i meet them. About the size i think i will be quite happy with it - considering that all i use now is a sedan car and the bike on the hitch, not too fun when everything is full of dirt.
  3. Im looking for a 04 yz250f but they are hard to find right now. Im thinking if i shoud settle with a 03 and put some money into it. Or should i spend more than i would like for a 05? Basicly whats the big difference and benesits with the models?
  4. True that you can never have enought room. Downside is that every inch cost money and the bigger the heavier which means more fuel money. The bigger the harder it will be to get room on parking slots and when the pits are full. Also i dont want to make it too wide cause then i will have to use mirror extension which i dont want to. It will have the inside measurments of approx 4.5meter long 1.8m wide and 2m high. Estimated weight 600kg unloaded.
  5. Im building a enclosed trailer pretty much from scratch, all i have now is a caravan chassi. Im pretty much sure how im going to build it but its always good too see how other have done theirs, maybe giving some good ideas. I would be geatfulif you post pictures from the outside aswell as the inside. Doesnt matter hows the trailer, if its just a good looking one you seen somewhere, go ahead and post a link. What color do you think looks the best? Im thinking white or aluminium.
  6. I cant speak for all of europe and sure its different in different parts but i can speak for Sweden and our closest neighbours. I would say the average car is 4-5meters long, around 1200-1800kg. 4-cylinder 2.0liter 120-140hp. No damn automatic. Average fuel consumption 25-30mpg. You americans should try something like Audi A6 or BMW 5 or 6 series. Great comfort and safety, if you want it can have more power than you will ever need to use on the road. Also even with their more powerful engines they probably use less gas than the average american car if driven normally and is for sure faster than most american cars cause they are fat.
  7. Exacly, thats why you are so much after in terms of efficiency. The customers doesnt care as much about gas milage so the industry doesnt put much money into it. Its natural.
  8. I would say not at all. Mine use more gas than my foot. Basicly it use more throttle to keep it in the speed when going uphill. I keep the throttle about the same and let the car slow down a little, i gain that time lost when going down the other side.
  9. I dont consider a 5 meter long and 1800kg heavy car as a shoebox. And yes this is the size of the cars doing 30+mpg. Neither i consider 400hp in such a car as weak. I think bigger cars than that are just silly. For example there is a guy here in Sweden that gets 800hp out of a 2liter turbo engine running on normal race fuel. Lets see how many liter do you americans need to produce 800hp, 5? 6?
  10. I get 27mpg on my old rusty Swedish car and its not even good in our european standard. I plan my next car to be a european diesel and it does about 39 mpg. You americans may think i drive like a old lady or have a car not bigger than a gocart and slow like a moped. No, i drive usually around 60-70mph and i can do 120mph. You americans are way behind the rest of the world in terms of efficiency. If you want to save on fuel cost buy a european car.