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  1. i second this!!! ive just been through it myself.
  2. i second this!!! just been through it myself.
  3. I would recommend getting a service or clymer manual! its got step by step removals/rebuilds, torque settings ( which is really important on the camshaft caps ). it runs you through getting the engine top dead centre (TDC) properly/checking valves clearances before and after removal/rebuild etc etc, the cam removal is a straight forward job but if your not 100% at what your doing it could be an expensive job if you get it wrong! its worth spending some time cutting the auto decompressor off the camshaft! i masking taped up the cam lobes and oil gallerys to avoid any mishaps with the dremil! you only get one pop at it so its best to take your time and check everything as you go. out of interest i contacted my uk suzuki dealer for a price of a new exhaust cam and was quoted £302!!!! EvanNaculm; riditfixit put a useful link on page one of this thread which is really helpful for auto decompressor removal if you decide to.
  4. Just a quick update gents, sorry ive been a bit slow! i cut the auto decomp off and instantly the bike sounds loads different!!! no ticking (although there's that 'DRZ' clatter from the top end) its much quieter! EPICSOILDER i also did the same as you and fiddled with the cam chain tention and had a similar result! ( mine at a guess is half way in! i've seen some tentioners that are nearly all the way in and it dont look right to me! may be wrong) it looks like it was definitely the auto decompressor.... it wasn't all plain sailing! ive had to jump start it off the car and have since ordered a new battery cos the old one wouldn't turn it over from cold!!! to be fair the old battery has had its day anyway!! Again thanks for everybodys help! NOBLE; incidently my exhaust cam has a small amount of 'cam thrust movement' (obviously the engine wasn't running) this could be part of the 'DRZ clatter' ??? dunno what do you think?
  5. I may of found mt 'tick' i was rotating my engine counter clockwise checking the cam chain and noticed everytime the operating pin on the auto decompressor was just about to release off the cam cap it jumps/ticks!!!! SURELY this has to be my annoying ticking??? noble,ridritfixit,backyard hack, iowaBClivewire please put me out of my misery.
  6. Ill have a play with the cam chain and tighten it up a bit! the witness mark is 2-3mm from the edge of the cam cap (bucket). i might tighten the chain, pop it all back together and give it a run and see how it sounds! like i said i wanna cover all bases before i think about removing the auto decomp.
  7. Well spotted rideitfixit it is an 01 , ive also came across a couple of other possible ticking issues (photos to follow) the age old argument of cam chain tention! ive done the rocks in a can method, but the chain sill has a fair amount of play! the engines set TDC in the photo, could it be possible the chains clattering around??? and also theres a wittnes mark on the left hand cap (if you were sat on the bike) theres no bures on the cam lobe or cap just a smooth wear mark. like i said the valves are all in spec (they havn't moved since the day i got it) and everything starts and runs fine its just developed a tick i want to eliminate everything else before i set to the cam with the dremil. again thanks for all your replys
  8. Sorry i had a job to get the photo on.
  9. Right, i managed to get a couple of hours in the garage this morning, im pretty sure the decompressors all in tact however i have a couple of concerns: firstly i can rotate the decomp with my finger using the 'operating pin' (the one with the slight wittness mark from the cam cap in the pic yeah?) and its springs back! and i use the word 'springs back' very loosly! there seems to be hardly no resistance at all from the spring. definitely doesnt snap back! and secondly the right hand side of the decompressor (the side that has not got the paint on) is very loose, i can wobble it from side to side with my finger. are either of these normal??? is that the 'controling pin' in the middle of the decompressor ?
  10. Thanks for replys so far! it look like the auto decomp about to get it Noble; what am i lookng for on the auto decompressor? would i be able to see a visual fault? or is the only way to know its faulty is to remove it? ive read rideitfixitrideit's link and it looks reasonably straight forward to remove. again im grateful for your replys. i may attack it over the weekend if i have time. ill post a follow up and let you know how i go.
  11. Hello guys I throw myself on your mercery, I've searched loads of threads and have not come up with a solid answer to why my engine ticks on idle to low revs! It seems to be quite a common fault/complaint! some seem to be happy to put up with it others have tried various fixes to no effect to my knowledge! My bikes done 15k ish miles, totally standard except mcct, used as a daily commuter (25miles round trip) and odd trail riding days,oil changed every 1000/1200 miles so aint had a hard life yet has deveploed a ticking that sounds like its coming from the top rh side of the engine,mainly by the exhaust cam area. I ve checked all the obvous: valve clearances, exhaust blowing, cam chain properly tentioned, oil level, and so on. the bike its self starts and runs like a dream, pulls like a train.im open to any sugestion because its bugging the hell out of me and im not one of the 'happy to put up with' people! (No offence if you are ) (search you tube for 'drz 400 ticking engine' theres loads on there some worse than others)
  12. Mine did the same! i had a big lump of crud in the main jet after an air filter change
  13. My lower chain guide by the rear sprocket is pretty worn but i would'nt of said worn out and its pretty much what ive put my vibration down to is the chain flying off the lower chain roller and through the chain guide!!! Obviously the chain being lubed up creates less friction hence less vibration??? I dunno thats was just my theory.
  14. Mine does the same thing!!! pretty much at the same speed. if you drop a couple of mph below or above it goes away! i thought it was my trail tires at first (whirring) but after fitting my supermoto wheels it still does it! confirming your engine 'revs' theory. ive noticed its less obvious after lubeing the chain so tried replacing the chain rollers and making sure the chain is correctly tentioned but have never really got rid of it althou it is better. id be intrested in any one elses theory on this!!!! im running 15/48 from memory on boths sets of wheels with an o ring chain.