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  1. jrusher

    Removing stock exhaust on YZ450FX

    It comes off prett easy alittle tight. I put a FMF full system on this winter its abit of a pain getting the front piece on above the starter but fits by with alittle force and twisting. The second time i had it off and on did some engine work to bike, i pulled the starter heat shield off it gave me more remove to get it in place
  2. I picked up a left over 15 , pulled forks up 6 mm, sag is at 105 , I cut subframe down and lowered seat height about 15mm , turns like my 15 yz250f , power is crazy put a softer map in really happy with bike
  3. jrusher

    Any Yz450FX engine failures?

    The new Yzfs are about the best bike to use and easiest to set up as a snow bike then again that could change if more failures start to happen.. Air intake is nice and high on the yz block intake openings like my pic with prefilter material or run a pod filter with pre filter done .. Never have had intake plugging isssues like other bikes
  4. jrusher

    Any Yz450FX engine failures?

    I run a small K&N type filter on my crank case breather line and relocate it up high beside the air box once again I doubt he was running this as It can cause failures when Iced up or plugged off with snow. Ive seen fuel in my oil on my older YZ 2010 efi bike and certain bikes like Hondas 450s efi are notorious for over fueling on a snow bike set up your oil comes out thinned out almost like pure gasoline. Some of the efi bikes ECU sees the the cold air box temps and starts adding more fuel thinking its lean condition a lot of guys run a aftermarket fuel controller and O2 sensor and run real lean mapping.. Warm engine temps and bike set-up shrouding thermostats, blocking in air intakes with pre filter material etc are key when plowing through deep powder all day like this pic.. Seen another guy with milky oil few months back same thing not set up properly snow was filling air box up and crank case breather line is attached to air box so snow/water was draining into motor.. I'll try and find out more info on his engine failures but its looking like he didn't have his bikes set-up for the snow.. I was starting to get allittle worried as I just did some motor an head work to mine. Ive never had any issues with any my yammies 250fs, 450fs racing or snow biking and same with boosted sleds always been reliable
  5. jrusher

    Any Yz450FX engine failures?

    Yes the guy I talked to yesterday is using them as rental snow bikes so who knows what they been put through and like i said earlier running these bikes without thermostats is going to lead to over fueling and contaminated oil..Ive seen it in my older yz even with a thermostat on a colder deep deep day I had fuel in my oil.. I run an engine shroud as well and it helps alot with engine temp, no issues with over fueling
  6. Talked with a guy up here today that had 2 of his 450fx bikes go down. Sounds like oil pump failure talked with another guy couple weeks ago same thing had 2 yz450fx bikes go down oil pumps as well. All bikes had oil and filters changed every 4-5 hours they were set up as snow bikes and all around the 50 hour mark on run time. Wandering if anyone else has had or heard of any issues with these new motors? Im at the 20 hour mark on mine recently did h/c piston and head porting no issues yet
  7. jrusher

    2016 YZ450FX questions

    My FX starts in 1st or 2nd gear no problem do it all the time and comes in handy when your in situations like this
  8. jrusher

    2016 YZ450fx exhaust systems

    So the yoshi gave it better bottom end ? Was this on a 450fx or 450f ? I'll look into the throttle body as well
  9. Might be abit early too see what exhaust works on this bike but thought id see if anyone has tried any aftermarket pipes at all? I know for dirt i more than likely wouldnt want any more power for this bike but mines set up as a full time snow bike and i want all the extra hp i can get.. I rode my buddies 2012 yz450f with yoshi on it back to back and this bike had so much better bottom to mid range snap and response thats mainly what im after is some better low end snap my fx has much slower roll on power till the mid range then really comes alive. I think the fx has a heavier flywheel which isnt helping the bottom end response thats another option i guess is swap flywheel out . I tried a different map this weekend that was supposed to wake motor up but didnt really notice much change. Hoping a good pipe will wake this thing up on bottom ?
  10. jrusher

    Anyone pick up a 450FX yet?

    The rad shrouds are abit longer in front and like others said and rear fender,, I ordered decals for my FX and thought plastic was same as 450f found out there bigger so i ordered some 250/450f shrouds so decals fit proper
  11. jrusher

    Anyone pick up a 450FX yet?

    Picked mine up on Friday. Won't have any dirt/off-road riding reviews this will be a dedicated snow bike. I'll be watching close on here too see what guys are gonna run for different mapping an exhaust etc. Need all the power a guy can get for snow biking an riding up at elevation. If anyone knows if the fuel/ignition maps from the 14-15 yz450 are safe to use on this bike let me know I would think they would be ? Thanks
  12. jrusher

    2016 yz450fx just released

    I put a deposit down while back,, now im told first week of dec so who knows.. If its any later I doubt i will wait as I need it for a snow bike build