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  1. I've decided to just leave the bolt shaft in there. I figure there is only 3 possibilities: 1) bolt shaft stays put, fine... 2) bolt works its way out, i'll replace with new bolt 3) bolt works its way into the tank, i'll remove tank and fish it out Obviously I'll have to keep a close eye on it. Dealer said no big deal to drill it out and clean it up in the solvent tank, but i'm nervous about metal shaving being left behind.
  2. Thanks guys...
  3. I was putting the vent bolt back into the top of the oil tank on my 06 and i snapped the head off the bolt. The other half of the bolt is still in the threads. Hey I'm a computer programmer not a mechanic. doh! Dealer says take oil tank off and bring it in, they'll take the bolt out of there...
  4. My 06 has not blown up even though its BLUE. I thought leaving it 100% bone stock (not even a sticker) would help blow it up sooner...
  5. Today I got a crf50 and crf70 for my boys for xmas. I looked at the little TTRs, but Honda had $200 rebate on each bike....
  6. How do you clean your frame? j/k
  7. I recently got an 06 YZ250F after 18 yrs away from bikes. I just turned 36. I love it!!! Before getting it I was pretty concerned about kickstarting the four-stroke and loading my bike into my F150. Both turned out to be no big deal.... I thought about a 450F, boy am I glad I got the 250F (it has PLENTY of power). I say grab a YZ250F or a WR250F.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement... I've also read some of your posts in the Health/Fitness forum.
  9. >>If you have only dropped 3 in one month, then you aren't on the right track. I'm shooting for getting under 200 by xmas. One reason I'm going with slow/steady is I've started out waaay out of shape. I'm a computer programmer and have done almost no exercise for many years... Being back on a bike is awesome and I'm loving it: Week 1: Had to pull over and rest after one lap around mx track, massive arm pump. Week 2: Got sick to my stomach (twice) red gatorade not pretty on brand new blue 06 250F... Week 3: Was able to do 4 laps before pulling off! Week 4: Cleared 4 tabletop jumps (Riverfront Marysville CA) Woohoo!!! I'm pretty pumped up so far, maybe my weight is fairly stable because I'm losing fat and gaining muscle
  10. I weigh 204, but I'd hate to replace the rear spring since my 06 came with TI. I'm trying to lose weight, I've already lost 3lbs in my first month. I think I can get down to 185 eventually.
  11. Blue rules! (Since thats what I ended up buying, hehe)
  12. sag

    I haven't setup my suspension at all on my new 06. I'm pretty heavy 205. Can someone point me to a good overview thread?
  13. >>I dont want to buy an aftermarket pipe, because this bike already has a little too much power for me right now. Maybe this guy should put on a pipe from a WR??
  14. I was concerned about it too, but it turned out to be easy (new 06). Although once yesterday it kicked back and rammed my knee into the handlebar. Ouch!
  15. I'm still using my stock chain (06), is it non o-ring?