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  1. I heard the JD Kit does not help much...I have an '09 450 XCF and I moved the clip down one position and installed a merge racing adjustable leak jet screw that is equipped with a heavier spring for fine tuning. It runs super clean and overheating issues in the tight technical sections have disappeared. Also running engine ice coolant.
  2. What's a 50????? Did you mean 450????
  3. If you've ever ridden in Kamloops you'd know better:bonk:
  4. sweet bike
  5. hey still flyin', you have taken the beats on those photos man!!! I could care less if they're real or not. You should challenge some of these guys that are chirpin' ya to a moto, then you'll see who's all talk. Once again, let the ridin' do the talkin'.
  6. you guys are riding on the wrong side of the river. Some of the best riding in the world is at Greenstone Mountain and Chewels Mountain. You can't beat it, hundreds of Kilometers of trail.
  7. This happened to me last week and I also heard of another guy it happened to as well. I have a 2004 CRF 450R and am miticulous to the point of being anal on bike maintenance. ie changing oil every two rides and filter every ride no matter what. My bike only has about 80 hrs on it of cross country riding if that. And what's weird is the day it happened, I had fresh everything in it(oil, filter). Now the maintenace bill is going to kill me. Honda Canad said it was from lack of oil, but that is a cop out. I've been riding for twenty years and have never had a problem with having the proper amount of oil.