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  1. del435

    Which Dual Sport Kit should I buy?

    I like Electreks. turn signals stick out but i do alot of riding in town. I havent broken light off yet. I take that back, riped the tailight off up at the dunes. I now run brake and tail light inside the stock lens.
  2. del435

    R Commuter

    I ride to work all the time on my 650r. Best thing that I did was get the Electrecks kit. Came with everything to make it legal. plus, the key can be removed in the on or off position. kind of nice when rideing off road, no fear of lose the key 70 miles from town.
  3. del435

    Tall Bars And Seat

    I found some handlebar risers from canada. I believe barriseronline.com is there site. Cost me about 80 bucks. Raised bars 1.25" and forward 1.3". This was the way to go for me. Huge improvement. Looking at getting the longhorn cr bend bars for more height, foot pegs that are a 1/2" lower than stock and a seat that is 1 1/2" taller, redone at a local shop. I am 6'7" 230lbs. Del
  4. del435

    Insurance costs

    you guys might say bs. but i pay $45.00 per year with allstate. but i have everything i own through them. liability only, no tickets. bike is paid for. this is on a 2000 xr650r
  5. del435

    Are you over 6'4"? set ups?

    Thanks for the info. I was not aware of foot pegs as being an option. Del
  6. Hey guys I am 6'7" tall and weigh in at 230 lbs. I have an 2000 XR650R. The question. What have you done to accomindate your size on a bike? Things that I am looking into are: Raising seat 2", lengthen brake and shift levers, raise and move forward handlebars, larger grips. This has been my first summer ever ridding a dirt bike but the ergo's don't feel that great. Thanks for any imput. Del