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  1. well i'd be lyin if that thought didn't cross my mind. I was also thinking about those lights that mountain bikers put on the handlebars. That or parting out my makita flashlight and mounting it to my helmet, like the miners used to do.The kits for the helmut lights in Rocky Mountain are $400 bucks.
  2. Can I put the stator from a WR 426 in my yz 426, all I need to do is run 1 headlight for one weekend trip. I don't want to go by the baja kit for $500 and get a bunch of parts I don't need. If anyone knows if this will work, or another cheap method of lighting up my bike for this one trip I'd be stoked
  3. I'm trying not to kick myself for not buying the WR, so i need to light the front of my YZ426. All I need is the front light, no tail or blinkers. Can I just buy a wr stator, and get a light from the junk yard, and make it fit? I'll probably only use this one time, for the air races in Reno, we usually go for the night ride. This is once a year, and i will probably have a different bike next year.any additional help would be appreciated.