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  1. I was told some of the early production 03's (produced in 02) had a green VINs, do you think that could be true?
  2. where did you hear that it's way off even for a 230
  3. i think it wasn't english
  4. hell ya that gets me so pumped up kick ass U.S. yah
  5. pretty cool but your money i think is better spent on "the great outdoors 2"
  6. dude im really a honda guy so this is hard for me but you should get a used yz250f like 01 or 02 used because of the price and yamaha because they're super reliable i know everyone is going to hate me but my bro has an 01 and beats the living crap out of it but checked the valves and they're perfect and he hits the 13,500rpm rev limiter 20 times a ride and has great suspension and power
  7. if it pops a lot your probably too lean but if you live at 8600' and the dealer didn't change it because the altitude you shouldn't be too far off and if you don't want to go thruogh the trouble taking your bike apart then just call the dealer and ask if they changed the needle sizes here's a site that helps but the needle sizes are wrong for your case i think
  8. the site alaskan gurl posted has the best basic ones but be careful if you do rejet you can't use the needle sizes it gives you because you have a 150 you should go to a 108 or 110 main and a 42 pilot
  9. there's a good chance you might burn up if you take out the baffle and snorkel
  10. i couldn't tell if it was in english until the end and i'm still not sure i don't think it was in english but great vid
  11. tottlay photoshopped
  12. that was different
  13. that sounds like something my mom would do
  14. that looks like the hill where i flipped my gokart down and got stuck up a tree
  15. nice that last one looks like a scrub