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  1. Your advicd is well written. I to believe the same thing. On a couple other boards there are several people that have experanced the same thing I did. Hope this is isolated, but I have to say the store manager didnt even try. I own my own business and if one of my employees treated some like they did or I treated some one that way I wouldnt have a business. You are very correct in what you have said, thank you.
  2. I have to mount mine on the top because of the way my helmet is made. The thor helmets are not smooth on the side. Yes I catch it allot racing through the woods. I also have a helmet camera but all the wires and caring a recording device is a pain.
  3. Im upset for 5 reason, 1) they were rude to my mom, I think verafing was a good thing, just not need to be rude. 2) I was treated very nice at another store but when i called custmer service the girl was very short with me and very very difficult to deal with. 3) I was told I could drive up to the store and I could return it and that a form had to be filled out, there is not form. Turns it Custmer service just makes them up, and they are diffrent every time, hmmmm strange but ok. 4) I was told I only needed an RA to return or an RA to return, exchange or get a store credit through shipping. I was also told that I could drive up to the store to exchange or get a store credit and buy something else. 5) After driving to the store I was treated very rudely and with total disrepect not by an employee but the store MANAGER and was asked to leave. I will say I really thought there was a standard form that just needed to be printed off. The reason for a form is for shipping something back with an RA# to make sure M/C has all the information they need. But thats not the case, M/C is simply being difficult to be difficult. And no Cycle gear is not the only place I have shoped in 25+ years. I post when a company treats me right as well. Im glad you have had good experances but Im not the only one to have a problem with custmer service or this company. Thank you for your point of view.
  4. I had the wide angle GoPro and it eats up batterys. GoPro tells you to buy energizer Ultra or Super Ultras at 12-14 a pop. That gives you a 156 min record time. It can use up to a 8GB card (4GB records 2 hrs so 2 recording) The HD GoPro has a rechargable battery for only 100 more. Will charge in 1 hr with a car charger used for most phones (blackberry, motorolla). No need to buy batterys. Uses up to a 32GB card. Thats allot of record time. But if you only use the camera for shorter uses like 30 min at a time you can get away with regular rechargable batters. So the choice 100.00 more for the HD no need to buy batterys, uses larger memery cards or buy lots of batterys or Understand you will only have a 30 min record time with rechargable AAA batterys.
  5. They just did a test on 4X4 or Gear Head, hmmm one of those 30 min fix up shows. I do believe if you just go to power block TV the right up will be on there. here is a link http://www.powerblocktv.com/site3/search.php?cx=014546479290059668257%3Adqspxg9qlhw&cof=FORID%3A11&q=e3&sa=Search#905
  6. First thing is first, they give stuff away to promote there business not the sport. Second thing, I respect what you have to say but I did CALL customer support and was told I only need an RA to return the item or if I shipped the item back for return, store credit or exchange. Custmer service said I could drive up there and exchange or get a store credit so I drove up to Smithville. But after driving for 40min one way the store MANAGER acted like my business was not his problem. And yes this amoung several other boards are national and I did this to put the word out, and it turns out Im not the only person that has had a poor custmer service issue. Im not saying dont buy Im simply saying there were RUDE to my MOM and to me and there are allot of other companys that are not that way with the same prices and good deals. Thank you for your input though, diffent views are always good. Its one thing for me to have a problem but they were also rude to my MOM. So not cool, Motorcycle Closeouts earned this
  7. Thanks, its nice to have a good place to shop but you never know until you have a problem just how some business treat people. Ive had nothing but good luck over 25 years of racing and riding street bikes. This is one of the very first companies Ive come across that does not seem to care about future business or there reputation. Really to bad.
  8. Post removed because the problem was resolved and i do believe maybe some change was affected. Hopefully next time a costmer stops by or calls they will be treated better.
  9. Just picked up a YZ250 06'. Doing the check list to make sure its all good but cant find spec's any were on what the compression should be. I have heard 210-250psi. I Think there is some head work by the readings I am gettting. What are you guys getting?
  10. So I measured the squish and came up with .057" or 1.45mm in the middle and .059" 1.5mm at the dome edge. When I do a compresion test I get 260-265 cold. What is the stock compresion 06 yz 250 I race Harescrambles and the over heating is the main problem right now. Running carb spacer, 07 neddle, Gnarly woods FMF pipe, pro circut silencer, 170 main 52 pilot, middle clip on neddle. And 1 3/4 on mixture screw. What is a good point to take the squish? .050? What is the desiered woods on the dome 22? 21? Should I try wider or deeper on the dome with a corrected squish? I want to keep the stock compresion so I can run pump gas, Super of course.
  11. Ok there is the question not being answered. So you take your .07 and turn it into .45. But you want to keep the stock compresion. Do you do this by making the dome wider in turn making the squish band width smaller? Or do you do this by making the dome deeper making sure not to expose the spark plug threads. Last quiestion. What is the stock compresion? I just bought 06 YZ250 and Im blowing 260. That seems way to high. Think This might have some crazy mods.
  12. A little rubbing will not hurt any thing. I think I furgured it all out. The stock YZ85's forks are raised in the tripple clamps 3/4"-1". The YZ85's forks can only be raised a total of 1 1/4" in the clamps effectively lowering the front end. So I you lower the back 2" and can not lower the front to keep the geomity the same the handling gets dangerous. IE do not put a Devol lowering link on a YZ85. If you have to lower on just shorten the stroke on the rear shock and front forks. Any one want to buy a Devol Lowering link for a YZ85?
  13. I just got through measuring out everything stock and with the Devol Link in. I have also been talking to http://www.strategic3.com/(Brian Emigs company). The Devol link lowers the back right at 2". It is only possible to lower the front 1 1/4". The front on this bike already seems high. This does not sound like much but this really throughs the geomety way off. I have the back back to stock and the front forks at 1 1/4" lower in the clamps and the bike looks right. If you move the forks in any bike just 1/4" it makes big changes. I guess I will keep having to play with it for his weight and height. Hopfully I do not hurt him in the process.
  14. Yes I have the seat cut out to the max, first thing I did. When that was not even enough for trail riding I got the Devol.
  15. My boy is coming off a moded KTM65 and loves his new YZ85/105. I put a Devol lowering link on it and lowered the forks as much as I could, I can't lowering them any more because the forks tapper. He came off the bike friday going flat out 5th on flat ground, tank slapping like I have only seen on a street bike. Any thoughts? He is 4'10" weighing in at 70lbs. He is 12 this week. The head shake seem to follow him around all day. The front is higher then the back from the stock geometry. The lowering link was only suppost to lower it 1.5" but it was more lik 2.5"+. Any other thought on lowering the bike safly 1.5"-2.0". The YZ85 forks can only be lowered 1.5" by sliding the fork tubes up. As far as I know the rear spring is stock but the front I do not know? TH Racing did the suspension. The bike was set up for a national level Supermini rider that was a girl.