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  1. HappyCurmudgeon

    Speedometer gear swap for 650l with 17" rims

    I have the Excel rims (not laced) and Avon Distanzia's in my basement, a complete second set of stock rims with Avon's as well in stock xr650l sizing to rob the hubs from, an Emig racing triple clamp to invert the forks, crf400 inverted forks, larger front brake disc etc, i just need to get it all together. If i cant do the speedo change easily, i may well just sell the whole thing out as I dont want to add any more $ to the bike, if the better half cant drive it, it'll be a waste to do it (fun for me, but my back isnt what it used to be so my trips arent harsh any more), I will likely go to a smoother street only bike so I can at least still ride. I love the bike, but i need to be realistic too. I put 50 miles on it this year.
  2. HappyCurmudgeon

    Speedometer gear swap for 650l with 17" rims

    Yes, the box isnt the problem it will bolt up just fine, it's the calibration inside it with the gearing from 21" down to 17" that is the problem. I need the box to be right. I dont want to have to guess on speed. My better half may learn to ride on the bike if i get the SM wheels on it as it would be low enough for her to handle then. So I need it right. "Yamaha came out with a 17 inch wr250." thanks! I will look into that when i can get the stocker off and get to a dealer with it to compare.
  3. HappyCurmudgeon

    Speedometer gear swap for 650l with 17" rims

    I have XR650L hubs, and Excel hoops. I havent laced them, because unless i can get the speedo done, I'll probably sell them.
  4. HappyCurmudgeon

    Speedometer gear swap for 650l with 17" rims

    Nobody has looked into this?
  5. Has anyone succesfully swapped the speedo gear from anything onto the 650L to get the stock speedo to display correctly when running 17" wheels? I do not want to buy a digital anything, i dont want a new gauge cluster/readout at all. I am aware those exist, I simply dont want one. I just want my stock speedo to function properly with the SM wheels. Would the gear box from the new CRF230SM swap in?
  6. HappyCurmudgeon

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

  7. HappyCurmudgeon

    Works Connection FRAME GUARD FOR A XR650L

    They are NOT the guards from a 650R. Those will not fit, the frame is completely different. The guards that will fit on the 650L are from an XR600. The only difference in the frame (at this location) between the 650L and the XR600 is the addition of the mounting points on the 650L for the buddy pegs. I ordered the XR600 frame guards and installed them on my 650L with no difficulties other than two minor modifications. You will need to drill one hole on the Left frame guard to allow the lower mounting point for the buddy pegs to fit through. See here:Left Guard You will need to cut one small slot on the Right guard to clear the lower buddy peg mounting bolt on that side. See here: Right Guard Hope this helps. I like them on mine a lot, helps to protect some rather exposed wiring. [edit] I tried to look up a part number for them from Works, but they are no longer shown on their web site (that i could find anyhow) I did find a couple of references to them being discontinued though when i Googled them. I did see them for sale from several web retailers, but if they are not making them anymore they could become hard to find. I would think somone else would have produced these for the XR600?
  8. HappyCurmudgeon

    Your opinion please - 2006 XR650L question...

    if it isnt stolen, i'd buy it, after a i had mechanic take a quick peek at it. i find it odd someone would take a $2000 hit on a brand new bike unless they needed cash bad, or they forgot to do something necesary, like say... add oil?
  9. HappyCurmudgeon


    . Nice bike Kelley, is that a chase harper roll bag? Svt... I did most of the standard mods to my bike nearly all at once. Pipe, Desmog, Decork etc.; So i cant say for sure which had the most noticable effect. Did it gain power? I dunno, and frankly i dont care. (I didnt do a before after dyno run.) Drivability and throttle response is what i was after, and what i can say is the throttle response is phenominally better than it was, it seems to pull harder, and wheelies really easily (mostly when i didnt mean it to *L*) Generally anytime you change the flow of air through the engine it will effect jetting, sometimes it can be dialed in with the mixture, other times you will need to change jets. The snorkel, airfilter, and exhaust will all effect jetting, to what degree each does on there own i cannot say with certainty but together they will need rejetting. IMHO i think all 3 should be done at once, so rejetting need to only be done a minimal number of times, but that is just my take on it. Unforunately it usually seems to be trial and error. Each bike has it's own quirks, as does each rider. HOW you ride also effects your jetting in some degree also. Most on here can tell you what works for them, try to find someone with near identical mods, and get a feel for a good starting point on jets. From what i have read, there really only is a a few size changes to make on the jetting to find the "sweet spot" for you and your bike. It is getting the main/pilot/mixture all working together that can be sometimes a little elusive. Right now i have an '06 "L" at about 300-500' A.S.L. with no internal engine mods. Desnorked, Uni filter, desmogged, Supertrapp IDS2 slip on with 10 discs. My jets are 55/160 (Stock is 50/152), Needle is stock but shimmed up 0.031, Pilot screw is out 2-1/4 turns. It starts well and runs great, but it isnt quite "there" yet. I want to get it dialed in just a little bit more. I plan to remove a couple of discs or more to quiet it down a hair and hopefully increase the midrange a bit, this will likely effect a change in the jetting. I dont know anything about the exhaust you mentioned. I personally prefer the tunable discs, i have used them for years with good results and it allows another point to adjust the engine, which i like. My bike is always in a state of flux. I like to change, wrench, and try out new ideas, some work, some dont but i learn from them all. Enjoy your new ride, these bikes are great.
  10. wow, where'd ya get THAT lowering link?
  11. HappyCurmudgeon

    traffic exhaust????

    I personally have never seen one shred of evidence that a loud pipe makes you more noticable. (I have seen alot of evidence against anything yammieboy says no matter which angle he comes from he gets torn apart) I know from my own experience that i never notice a loud bike any more or less, until they pass me or go by at an intersection. It is then and only then that i hear the loud pipe. What good has it done you after you go by me? I simply cant fathom the reasoning behind this concept. I would think it would give people a false sense of security in that they may somehow think they are that much more noticable, when in fact they are no more noticable than they where before. If you "feel" safer, that is good i guess, but defensive driving and alertness would seem to me to be more of a factor than a loud pipe. That being said, my exhaust is a little louder than stock that is true. But it isnt a straight megaphone that will blow the feathers off a bird at 150ft either. My bike runs better with the better flowing pipe & that is why i got it to begin with. Does it make me more noticable? I seriously doubt it. But to each their own, but be aware the more cagers you irritate, the less land we will have to ride on. Make sure the tradeoff you are helping to promote is what you want, you just may get it.
  12. HappyCurmudgeon

    Motarding a xr650l

    *L* nah, not sad. how about... perplexed?
  13. HappyCurmudgeon

    Motarding a xr650l

    The growing number of posts like this is why I have stopped coming here as much as I used to. If you want to make derogatory comments then please keep them in Town Square where they belong so the short bus knows where to find you. I thought this site was for people who loved bikes and therefore had a level of camaraderie with one another. This type of petty name calling is juvenile and a waste of time to people who are actually interested in learning and trying to have a good time doing it. If you don’t like a specific bike, that’s fine, others probably don’t like whichever type you do and likely don’t for exactly the same reasons that you disagree with their choices. I see someone trying to ask an honest question and this is what they have to put up with? What a joke. Feel free to flame away, you will just emphasize my point.
  14. HappyCurmudgeon

    Motarding a xr650l

    ouch! that sucks, hope you didnt get hurt. do you think the oversize rotor overstressed it?
  15. HappyCurmudgeon

    07 Xr650l Pro Taper Cr Hi Bend Info

    Bottom left of this page TT Store Part Number T-4090. This is what I have on my L with 1-1/8" Renthal Twinwall CR High bends. Raises them up just a touch as well which i like also.