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  1. Be more specific about the float? I don't know carbs to well.
  2. Cleaned again for the second time, and blew it out with compressed air. All the jets look squeaky clean. Still has the issue. I may try that 'Seafoam' stuff and see if that helps at all. Bike will idle, and rev fine now. but at 1/8 throttle under load it bogs like crap, however it will run nearly good at full throttle.
  3. I have an 04 TTR 250 that will only idle with the choke on full, will rev perfectly fine while sitting there, but dies with choke off and bogs as soon as you pop it in gear and try to ride it. It will "sort of" ride at full throttle, but cuts out every once in awhile. I cleaned the carb, and replaced the spark plug yesterday but it did not solve the problem. Any ideas? Leaving for Arizona on Sunday!
  4. Man you guys bitch and moan a lot!! You sound like a bunch of 14 year olds...oh wait, you probably are. Leigh Diffey does a ton of auto racing commentary on SPEED, and some back in Australia including V8 Super Cars. He does NOT do Moto GP like a few of you guys thought in earlier post. I don't know why you guys hate him so much? He is more knowledgeable then Ralph is, and his voice and personality isn't as bad either. If anyone needs to go it's Jeff Emig, he is boring. What about Mcgrath or something? Why can't he commentate?
  5. Man I wish I knew about this earlier! I could have made my own video for car racing... But I guess not. So... I be votin for you!
  6. I'm 5x better on a bicycle than I am on a dirt bike. I suck on a dirt bike. hahah This picture is about 2 years ago, but I've always liked it. The city in the back work perfectly.
  7. I run the Alpinestars Bionic suit. It doesn't make you look like a football player but provides awesome shoulder/elbow/back and some chest protection. I originally got it for downhill mountain biking but since I just got a dirt bike I use it for that also. Not to mention I throw it under my textile street jacket when riding on the street!
  8. Funny how V&H changed their offroad logo to look exactly like the White Bros logo. Good idea actually cause we will still associate the exhaust with WB.
  9. zip ties work perfect!
  10. I might just have to order a set and keep em as spares. Who knows, something may happen to my Flatlands.
  11. Oh whoa... those Roosters look awesome. I picked up some Flatland guards a few weeks ago cause I thought roosters was gone... Owell. Flatlands still seem to be pretty darn good, probably the best out there now that Rooster closed up.
  12. Am the only one that thinks that is pretty cheap compared to other houses in California? I mean shit, a house similar in size with no yard runs close to that here in the Bay Area. I'm guessing that would be near double if it was closer to where I'm at. Makes you want to move eh?
  13. Factory Effex makes em
  14. +1 for Factory Effex
  15. Wouldn't the XR400 be kind of a pain to kick start each time? Doesn't it have some little lever you need to pull every 2nd kick or something?