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    KLX125L Cam chain Adjustment

    The Cam adjuster on the KLX/DRZ is spring loaded...hold the allen with a 5mm (if memory is working) and loosen the nut (12mm?) Back the allen screw out and this lets the spring re-adjust the cam chain adjuster. Tighten the allen, and hold it, then tighten the nut. I don't believe that the cam chain adjusters have changed on the KLX/DRX over the last few years.
  2. I'll give it a try! Thanks
  3. Ah Ha...I finally had the time to dig into the carb a little..It's got a OCEM M needle with the clip in the 3rd position (from the top) and a 168 main..sorry I didn't dig into the pilot jet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I've got an 05 S with these mods: 1. 39 FCR from carb parts 2. Athena 434 kit 3. "E" model cams 4. Yosh Rs-3 full system 5. The airbox lid is cut I called Carb Parts for help when I put the big bore kit on and got a big "duh....try one up on the main." The bike seems to run fine except for rolling the throttle open from cruising it has a big hesitation on low to mid rpm. I'm sorry for not having the current jets/needle info. I'm at sea level and IT'S FREAKING HOT! Is winter here yet?