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  1. mrclean17

    Ktm 450

    Hey nap, the 07 xc-w is like last years exc! No emissions stuff, turn signals etc. On the showroom floor it didn't even have a headlight or taillight, total dirtbike. I had the dealer install head and taillight, mirror and I was able to plate it in New Hampshire "live free or die" gotta love it. My 2cents is if your really gonna spend most of your time in the woods the KTM might be the way to go. Unless I'm mistaken the bikes you mentioned are more motocross orientated. As for grunt, plenty wheelies over everything!
  2. mrclean17

    Ktm 450

    I just got an 07 ktm 450xc-w and I have an 05 drz400s. I ride trails and what roads I need to connect them. Both bikes are plated. The ktm is unbelievable compared to a drz. More power, better suspension, lighter, not to mention way cooler. Not that I am very fast but I bet I'm 40% faster on the ktm. The ktm's do require more routine maintenance but the performance is well worth it. I think anyone coming off a drz would be very impressed with a ktm 450.
  3. mrclean17

    07 KTM450xcw is Dynajet junk?

    Thank you Eddie. Could you answer a couple more? I installed the Dynajet during my ride yesterday. My bike ran ok but not great before the kit (small bog off idle sometimes and steady pop on decel). Didn't see much difference with the kit. I plan on getting the James Dean kit soon, like ASAP! My questions are: 1. Am I harming my bike with Dyna needle and 150 main in the meantime? 2. Can I do the O-ring mod with my current or stock jetting untill my JD kit arrives? Thanks for any help you can give.
  4. mrclean17

    Wheel hop due to rim locks -- help!

    Hey BrotherJethro, just wanted to say that your gonna have to tear into that KTM real soon. First service 3hrs on my new 07 450xcw. Fun tearing into a new bike. Gotta learn where stuff goes when it falls off. I was kinda worried about checking my valves but with the help of this website and others like it I was able to do it no sweat. Any way have fun with your new ride, I'm coming off a drz and loving my new KTM.
  5. I asked my dealer for the James Dean kit and what I got is the Dynajet kit. Does anyone have any info on this kit? The search engine is down and I'm going riding tomorrow. Should I install the kit or just take it back? Just don't want to take chances on a kit I know nothing about as the main jets provide are 2 peice and are small(150 main for 0-3000ft). Thanks for any help.
  6. mrclean17

    Trade a DRZ for a 450 EXC

    That's right! One ride on bweeden's 450 and I traded my gAyTV (04 prairie 700) and my firstborn for an 07 ktm 450 xc-w. My dealer is installing dual sport kit and is supposed to be ready for pickup FRIDAY
  7. mrclean17

    Ultimate Dual Sport Tires. Please Vote for your Fav.

    I've had my drz for less than a year and have run two sets of DOT knobbies and the stock TrailSlicks! I had the 606's last year and 88nx250 was spot on in his discription. I am a newbie to dirtbiking and I had trouble with the front in the soft stuff. Not good for building confidence offroad IMO. However they worked excellent after I studded them for winter in New Hampshire! I'm running Kenda's this year 776 front and 778 rear. It's still early in the season but I like the Kenda's alot better so far in the mud. The rear is multidirectional for soft/med I mouted for soft. The front is for soft terrain and so far feels more predictable offroad. I acctually lost the front a couple of times on my first ride but was able to recover without crashing. The price for this newfound traction offroad is less on. I have spun the rear on accident a couple of times allready. stock s, 3 by 3,dynojet, 15/47 gearing and I can slide the rear in 2nd. No problems with the front yet.
  8. mrclean17

    Wheel Balancing ?

    When I switched my deathwings out for dot knobbies(Dunlop 606's), my dealer told me he couldn't balance knobbies. I left mine on and it is fine. My friend, also on a 400s took his off and said his are fine too. Hope this helps as I am no expert.