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  1. 05 SM, with Yoshi TRC uncorked, JD jet kit, 3x3 mod, stock gearing. My commute is 90% highway cruising at 70 mph. I consitantly get between 68 and 70 MPG (71.9 MPG my best ever). Before the mods I got around 50 mpg. 8000 miles and counting. I LOVE my SM, I will never get rid of it. I laugh at these fools tooling around on gay looking scooters getting 55 mpg.
  2. Congrats on the new ride. That's a pretty sweet deal. Makes me cringe when I think about what I paid for mine. I bought my 05 right when they first came out so the stealership bent me over pretty good. But $1000+ in mods and 8000 miles later, no regrets. Have fun!
  3. Awesome bike, I'm jealous. You can't be done though, I still see some ugly stock turn signals.
  4. Take a look at your headlight while you're trying to start it, if it gets very dim you have a dead/bad battery. My battery just took a dive and my starter relay makes that same sound when I try to start it. If the headlight stays nice and bright maybe you have a bad relay???