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  1. My parents had a 1980 3/4 ton version w/full time 4x4, auto, and 318. That thing with chains on all 4 wheels was unstopable!! It wasn't lifted, and would go thru 2 1/2 ft. of snow no problem (with chains on). Gas mileage it got 5-8 mpg, and rode really rough.
  2. oste

    96 db exhaust

    I have a white brothers pro meg e-series (with header pipe). Brand new out of box with 8 discs and end cap installed, I tested 95 DB's at Silver Lake sand dunes in Michigan. I had the quiet core with but not installed. Bike is a 440ex stroker, no air box lid, k&n with outerwares and 39mm FCR. It was a little louder after 2 days of riding, but way better than my DMC (which got 101 db's.
  3. oste

    Tie downs

    G-Force makes some nice ratchet tie-downs with the carbiner hooks on each end. The hooks also have a swivel on them too. They have 2" wide polyester straps rated at 10,000 lbs break, 2500 lbs working weight. I've found them at www.jegs.com for $25.00 each.