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  1. Good post on the skid plate pattern. I am surprised that it does not come stock with a spark arrester, I thought that was pretty much standard on all bikes.
  2. I live in South Bay and go to Ocotillo Wells on occation. It takes about 3.5 hours going down the 15 and then through the valleys from Temecula. The road is windy and hilly in places. If you want flat highways, 70 mph the whole way, go through Palm Springs and then south along the Salton Sea. It will take about 5 hours from South Bay.
  3. I have a 2005 and although there are lots of adjustment options, I have not touched it. I am sure it could be dialed in, but I don't know how, so why mess with it.
  4. Sounds like some good food and riding. We are new to Ocotillo Wells, we go to Gorman a lot, but it is getting cold there. Any suggestions on good camping where people have fun but don't get crazy?
  5. We plan to go to Ocotillo Wells for Christmas to ride dirt bikes. Any suggestions on good family camping that does not get too wild?
  6. Mine says 1-1/5". I guess that is a Japanese conversion from 30mm?
  7. When are the 2006 WR250's out? I hear they are green sticker
  8. My wife has a jacket made by Joe Rocket. It is mesh with long sleeves and a zipper front. It has padding and armor all over the place on it. She has taken a pretty good fall with it and it protected well. It cost under $100. It is not tight fitting, so it should suit a variety of shapes.