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  1. Vampireracing

    Are the KTM's really that high maintenance?

    Interesting thread. I'm in the market for a new bike and decided to cruise the other brand forum sections to see what they are saying about thier bikes. Of the models that interest me are: CRF450's an 04 model is what I'd be replacing so naturally I would give that first consideration. However the Honda section seems to be a lot of posts about major problems regardless of the year. The 04 and the 09 models seems to top the list as having the worst problems. So this time around I beleive a CRF is not going to make it into the stable. Just not interested in what Kawi/Suz has to offer. Yamaha YZ450F is a major contendor. Even though it's a MX bike they do make a good converted Harescramble bike. Just as I have done with the CRF. The WR450 seems to be a little too trail oriented for my taste. I'm the type that would rather tame down a MX bike (just slightly) rather than try to make a trail bike snappier. I'm just now getting around to the KTM's I'm considering a 450 just not sure which one yet. SX-F, XC-F or W. However, all I could keep thinking in the back of my mind was why does the head mechanic of a Yamaha dealership ride a KTM?
  2. Vampireracing

    zipties on forks

    Actually I like that idea. I would think that if you got the zip ties tightened down really good they shouldn't go anywhere The wider the zip tie the better also. Aren't zip ties wonderful.
  3. Vampireracing

    From Massachusetts to West Virginia

    HVAC is a good job around here. Plenty of big name brand factories, Toyota, Dupont, Ashland Oil, FMC, Alcoa. Coal mines need ventalation also. We have plenty of those. Govt contracts with controlled enviroment storage, etc, etc. I know a couple of people in that line of work. One of them applies his trade at Ashland Oil and another one works for a company that does the enviromental controlled storage under Govt contract for the National Guard.
  4. Vampireracing

    What Causes Honda OE Valves to zero out?

    Yep, the machinist will have to take out a good chunk of aliminum to fit those back in. By the time I got those and the new valve parts and paid the machinist to do the job I probably could have got a new a bolt on and ride head cheaper. However if you got the stuff you need to do it yourself the new seats would be a better deal.
  5. Vampireracing

    Play in the Main Crankshaft Bearings

    Been there. done that. After replacing just the bearing (actually I replaced every single bearing while I was in there) I had no sloop at all, not even the tiniest little bit. Two years ago mine was making a bad knocking sound. During the tear down to find the noise I discovered the play in the crank from the bearing. Put in the bearing and pre-assembled the cases and rechecked for play at the crank to determine if I would need a new one. Good thing it was tight. I was running out money quick. I finished the complete rebuild with 13.5:1 piston and new valve job. Just got done reshimming the valves yesterday and checking the crank. Not even slightest movement. Still good and tight. I'm surprised the dealer told you a little play was ok.
  6. Vampireracing

    What Causes Honda OE Valves to zero out?

    I know what you mean. This part is for the rest of the general audiance. Just food for thought check out page 4 of 13 on the pdf in the link. They have valve seats that can be put back into the head. http://www.cv4.net/catalog/CV4%20Catalog%202008section1.pdf I'm considering doing this or just buying the 06 head. don't know which yet. Probably just get a new head. My second set of Kibblewhites have zeroed out again. There is no more room left to re-cut the seats I'm down to the smallest shim, 1.25 on the left intake. BTW, lesson learned on buying parts from on-line stores then trying to get a machine shop to install them for me. They didn't like the idea of installing parts that they didn't sell to me. I finally talked the machinist into doing the job but he wouldn't garuantee the work. Check the machine shop first then see if they will order the parts you want to put back in.
  7. I've rerouted mine a little different. Back story on the reason why. The part that goes to the airbox is set up so it's after the air filter. Therefore it is dumping oil mist directly back into the carb coating the throttle plate with grime. I pulled the hose from the nipple to the box and plugged the nipple. Then I drilled a small hole in the airbox and ran a new hose through that and put a crank case breather filter on the end. I zip tied it to the sub frame inside the airbox before the air filter. The other plugged end that collects the slime is still where the factory put it. The breather is placed where it is so pollutants get a chance to be burnt and goes out the exhaust instead of getting dumped directly to the ground. Like I said earlier it mucks up the carb. I don't see oil mist being any good for the intake track on the FI engines either.
  8. Vampireracing

    2-Strokes powerbands all gears???

    Here ya go. Here's another one.
  9. Vampireracing

    Hour Meters

    An hour meter is measured from the ignition pulse which counts the revs. It's a measurement of work performed expressed in hours and tenths of an hour. The faster the engine goes the more work it has performed. ie The 1.3 engine hours I put on the engine over a 4 hour time is from doing single track with the engine at low revs most of the day. I more than doubled almost put on 3x times as many hours on the engine to end up 3.8 hours and only rode one hour longer for five hours while riding at a very fast pace with sections of 5th gear pinned when riding pipeline and power line trails. So you see that engine hours are realtive to engine speed. Not a constant like a wrist watch. Does that help explain why some people are mystified by getting lower hours on the meter than what they see on the wrist watch.
  10. Vampireracing

    What did I do? (carb)

    Let us know how it runs when you go over a series of bumps, logs, g-outs or the whoops if you ride track.
  11. Vampireracing

    Hour Meters

    Engine hours are not constant like watch time is. The faster your engine goes the quicker time accumilates. The other day I rode single track for 4 hours and only had 1.3 hours on the meter. The week before I rode power and pipeline trails at high speed for 5 hours and had 3.8 hours on the meter.
  12. Vampireracing

    How has your pre-owned CRF turned out?

    Mine was still easy to start but I still had one intake that went to zero and one exhauast that went to zero. I'm hopeing the valve shims will be in tomorrows mail. This will be adjustment number 4. Next time it's a new head.
  13. Vampireracing

    CRF 450 Siezed Crank?

    I wouldn't trust E-bay. It's not that hard to re-build it yourself.
  14. Vampireracing

    From Massachusetts to West Virginia

    HVAC isn't that a fancy term for Heating and air conditioning? Anyways the Huntington / Charleston area and everything in between has plenty of civilization with a quick jaunt to BFE. BTW I'm on the bike to the right of the welcome page for this site. www.MSORRC.com You should sign up for it. Plenty of pics of the places we ride in this state. Tell them Vamp refered you. The owner tries to keep the spammers from signing up so that will clue him in that you aren't a spammer. Edit... Forgot to add that with all the curvy roads to curve up you might want to buy a sport bike also. I've got an R1 in the stable also.
  15. Vampireracing

    Stop The pit bike Ban. Protest Today 4PM

    Where can I find the wording for the law? I'm curious if it has anything about electronics ie. PSP, ninetendo, Wii, X box, etc. I bet there is nothing in there about that. Those circuit boards contain alot of lead. What about V-tech or leap frog electronic learning consoles? I really like the comment about buying fishing sinkers. Now those can be put in your mouth. I really feel like my vote never counts.