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  1. Trimation

    Problems with YZ400

    Thanks for all the replies. You've given me some things to try out. If nothing else trying them all will allow me to learn the bike better. I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks again, Trimation
  2. Trimation

    Problems with YZ400

    No, it only seems to do it in third, fourth, and fifth.
  3. Trimation

    Problems with YZ400

    Wondering if someone can please help me out? I have a 1998 YZ400 that was working perfectly just a couple of weeks ago. I rode it a couple of days ago and noticed that it is cutting out in the upper parts of the gears before I should be hitting the rev limiter. I can't even go very fast on the road because it is cutting out so badly when I'm trying to hit top speeds. I thought that maybe I was getting a bad spark so I changed the plug and that seemed to make it better but it is still happening. What else could it be? What should I do? Thanks, Jedediah
  4. Trimation

    2 stroke gas in a four stroke

    It isn't that I really wanted to put two stroke gas in my YZ, it's just that I ran out of gas while riding with a friend who had a two stroke and he filled me up from his tank. Just wondering if I could have done any damage. Thanks for the replies.
  5. A buddy of mine was telling me that you can run two stroke gas in a four stroke without any damage to the bike. Is this true? Thanks, Jedediah