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  1. ddgraphics.co.uk They are ment to be making me some up but still awaiting the proofs (2/3weeks now) Darren
  2. Have a look at some of the threads on here then go for it but the install guide is preaty good. Darren
  3. Should be good I was impressed with my set up before i put my 4pot on
  4. try here....Sure they do international shipping.. http://www.talon-eng.co.uk/talon-brake-brackets.asp?c_urn=266&show=&bike=1778 They do the 320mm braking disc as well.
  5. Mine does it too, only just like yours so it should just wear that little bit away, changed mine say 4 weeks ago and no problems as yet.
  6. ***********More Photos on the 1st Page of the Vapor and SM fender***********
  7. Cheers Neil i'm slowley getting there with the way i want me Zed to look and perform Well with the caliper mate its still to early to say really pads need bedding in and maybe a different M/C, but not even done 5 miles yet so hopeing to get out the weekend and get some miles done and try a bit of serious breaking I'll get some pics up later on me Vapor: I had better not say no more on the Gas thing then
  8. Would that be you then Sir ??
  9. Talon here: http://www.talon-eng.co.uk/talon-brake-brackets.asp?c_urn=266&show=&bike=1778 And does the gas bar go up with the more posts you have then?
  10. I got a 400E so i got a talon bracket £48, do you have a 400S or SM?
  11. Sell some old shit thats all i do
  12. I got fed up with looking so i bought new. Was more expensive than i was hopeing but it had to be done
  13. What do ya think???? I got supplied with a set of Std EBC pads...didn't fancy fitting these as i read a lot of BAD reports about them so i went through my tool and found a couple of sets of Std GSXR 4 pot Tockio pads so went with them instead. I've only done about 4 miles so cant report on the performance yet. I also fitted my Vapor and made a custom bracket for the speedo sensor pictures to follow... Darren
  14. Cool cheers bronco thats all ineeded to know
  15. are the number boards the same on a 2004 drz 400 and a 2005 drz 400 ? Cheers Darren