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  1. it is bought in the 2001, but reason why I have seen in the photos I believe that it corresponds to your 2000. I have asked what it is cost. 46 usd made by ape
  2. thanks ruicarmo and zick, I also use the translator but but to read that to write jejeje. whichever bond mcct? I suppose that post is some to know as that - of that changes already, will look for it. I at the moment am going to request unabiker, the covers cfc, grip, and perhaps graphis and the cover of seat of ceet- thanks for your aid
  3. Thanks to all and other one rounds of beer jejeje. That price has the mcct? I have returned to write to the shop for the unibiker radiator protecction so the price that they load me on my basket (or one counts) it is of 104 dolars and if bronco78 has reason at the time there is a mistake, today I have returned to write, Very well yours Spanish jejee. Regards
  4. it is that in my account/order status it loads 104 and not 84.i will write a mail to store thanks http://shop.thumpertalk.com/product_p/bp_unabiker_radguard.htm.
  5. at the shop cost 104 and in my account don,t cost 84.74 , cost 104 . http://shop.thumpertalk.com/product_p/bp_unabiker_radguard.htm it is right??????? thant other time.
  6. thanks bronko78, verybeen thankful. spain is diferent the laws are being very hard, the use of tt are very dificult. this summer this being many fires and this all very restricted. there are zones in which not this allowed the use of veiculos to motor in ways of less than 4 meters:((( :D tomorrow if it does not pass anything I make the order, to see if me recomended some cochair but to request that she is not very expensive, tahks to all. in Spain we have a seemed forum, embarrados.com, but we are few drz and in the store it does not have anything I specify for this bike
  7. UNABIKER_SUZ1BL Unabiker Radiator Guards - Suzuki DR-Z400E 00-01 - Blue $104.50 $84.70 this is i will buy. what do you say 104.50 $84.70 ? i don,t stund in blue 104 and aluminium cost 84??????,(also is 74?¿?¿?) i think in blue.
  8. thanks, it is sure, but i like me that your recomended my something but shop in this shipping, something that is important and no more expensive. there are things as the covers cfc that are not find in Spain. for example, my bike is maded in 2000, is posible that i have chage the tensile chain distribution? accessory,graphis, parts ....... thanks
  9. i an of spain, i have got a suzuki drz400e . in first place, sorry for may english i will buy a cfc covers and unibiker raduator guard do your recomended my something but for shop? thanks and one round of bieer