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  1. bgbeards

    Race Style Graphics for DRZ ???

    I know they are old, but is there anyone making something similar now?
  2. I have searched and searched through hundreds of graphics threads, and can only find graphics kits like the AMR kits. I am looking for something simpler that is a full kit, preferably with matching seat cover. I'm not really a big fan of the one from wheeling cycle. But its the only full kit I can find that doesen't have flames or skulls, etc. I see the EVO kit on ebay and it not bad but I don't really want all that red next to the seat without a matching red/black seat cover. This is a yellow SM bike by the way. Graphics for the steel tank would be preffered, but I'll take what I can get. I found a pic of what I am looking for to give you an idea. If anyone can tell me where to get one I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. bgbeards

    now i have a choice between a FMF 4.1 or a Yoshi....

    How did that Yoshi bolt up to your ssr. Did you have to fab the mounts or anything?
  4. bgbeards

    Anyone heard of Warp 9 rims?

    I bought one off ebay a while ago for my paddle tire. Worked fine and you can't beat the price. The only issue is that even the yamaha rims take a honda sprocket. Weird, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I haven't pushed it very hard, but seems to be holding up fine.
  5. bgbeards

    MX Boots

    For comfort I love my AlpineStar Vectors. Almost as comfortable as regular shoes.....
  6. bgbeards

    paddle tires?

    I aggree. I have the Sand Snake 10 paddle. Works excellent. I've ridden the Hooker too(10 Paddle). It is also very good but is more expensive than the Sand Snake. Also Earlier in the season there was a shortage of casing to make the Hooker, i.e. it may be harder to find. The Sand Snake is a molded tire.