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  1. krammsuzuki

    2002 DRZ will not start

    Well, I finally go it started...for about 10 min. Then it started sputtering and died.
  2. krammsuzuki

    2002 DRZ will not start

    I tried starting fluid w/no throttle or choke and it fired but did not start. I then tried full throttle, full choke - it started but would not idle. Any ideas?
  3. krammsuzuki

    2002 DRZ will not start

    Yes it gets spark and gas and air and it just won't start????????
  4. krammsuzuki

    2002 DRZ will not start

    It has about 7000mi on it and about 6000mi ago I put a DJ Jet Kit in it and it ran great. Recently it started leaking gas from the bowl. I took the carb off, cleaned all the jets and re-installed the carb. It ran great after that, until 4 days ago. I went to start it and it didn't start right away. The battery started running low so I put it on the battery charger and kept chranking it. It wouldn't start until I choked the hell out of it and gave it full throttle. It finally started. I rode it about 2 miles and shut it off. Now it won't start. I have changed the gas, the spark plug and cleaned the carb and jets 5 times. It STILL won't start. Please help me!!! I just want to ride.