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  1. omalley1537

    Twin Chamber Showa Damper Rods

    Thanks for the replies. I considered the eBay thing, but I'm kind of holding that as a last resort since I could just be buying the same issue. I will do that when/if I strike out on damper rods. The bummer is this bike likely has less than 20 hours, but it sat a lot and fluids weren't changed. Believe it or not, the engine had never seen a wrench, and neither had the suspension. Based on wear, even the piston was ok. It's just that as we all know, bikes do not like to sit. So I hate to toss the forks just for the rods. Of course if I win the lotto, I could just buy an A-kit setup...haha.
  2. Hello all, I'm rebuilding an '02 Cr250 that I just bought. While changing fork oil/seals, I noticed the damper rods are both pitted. I am guessing this is why the rebound seemed quick (the cartridge seals are probably toast). Would there be somewhere I could get new rods? If so, does anyone know how much they run? Honda only sells the cartridge as a unit, if you can get it at all. Thanks!
  3. omalley1537

    Trail Riding Recommendations

    Thanks for the reply-lots of good info there.
  4. omalley1537

    Trail Riding Recommendations

    Hello all, I rode and raced MX for 20+ years, finally hanging up the boots in 2013. However, we kept my wife's XR250 (2003) and just bought my daughter her first bike as she wanted to start riding (2003 CRF150F). She is proficient on her bicycle (she's 10) but has never ridden a motorcycle yet. i thought the best way to get her started would be some nice easy trail rides with her and I'll take the 250 (she may progress to tracks but (a) that will be awhile and (b) I'm not hitting the track on a bone-stock XR250, lol... i am in the greater Monroe area and was looking for some advice on trail options for us, bearing in mind we are starting from scratch with her skills. My thought was some fire roads and/or wide, smooth trails as opposed to anything technical for now. Unfortunately my whole riding area knowledge base was MX so the only place I know of semi-local would be walker valley (went there for a dealer demo day once but don't remember much about it). thanks for any help!
  5. omalley1537


    And Bradshaw vs Stanton, and... Very rarely has a dominant rider in speed also been the consistent one. And the AMA points don't reward the guy who goes 1-1-1-1-1-1-DNF-1-10th etc, it rewards the Dungey/Stanton type who is there on the podium every week.
  6. omalley1537

    Ken sure is talking alot...

    There is a fine line between having genuinely huge confidence based on dedicated preparation (and just coming off arrogant) versus being a complete self-absorbed douche who only cares about himself. The former goes to the line knowing they are the best and uses that for motivation. The latter often lacks anything behind the facade and resorts to a finger-pointing implosion when things don't go their way. I think between the way he's acted this off season and his history of excuses and whining, it's not hard to see which category KRoc falls into.
  7. omalley1537

    Ken sure is talking alot...

    Hopefully someone punts KRoc over a berm at A1. Maybe that'll knock his ego down a notch or two.
  8. omalley1537

    So Smooth, Sooo Fast...

    Whipple used to be. When I started racing in the early 90's, he was a local WA pro. Wasn't aware he went to Cali...but I've also been out of the racing scene longer than I'd care to admit...
  9. omalley1537

    JS7 2016 highlights

    I fail to grasp how "giving back to the sport" defines a rider. RV won a bunch of titles, suffered what could have been career-ending and/or life altering injuries, must have endured some serious pain (St Louis...), and in return was paid very well. Meanwhile Kawi got some press and bike promotion (especially the mid-nationals frame switch in '11). The sport got a star to market and promote. After all that, if all sides wanted to flip each other the bird and say "don't let the door hit you in the ---", so what? Oh and this is work for these people. So it stands to reason that "only being in it for the money" is reasonable. Dosh, would you go to work tomorrow for free? I sure as hell wouldn't.
  10. omalley1537

    Any wordon nelson?

    Over on Vital, reporting limited feeling below lower back then none as he was being transported if I understood correctly. Crash was a very abrupt, hard hit from the video. Thoughts are with him.
  11. omalley1537

    How many outdoor motos for JS7

    Spot on. They have their a-- kissed from a young age because they have a special gift of athletic ability. They are taught rules don't apply to them. When I was a college senior, I had our (NFL-bound IIRC) starting LB in my class. He spent the entire semester listening to his headphones and/or flirting with his girl of the week (none of which were actually enrolled in the class). Come finals time he was given an F by the professor since he never turned in his project, etc. I ran into the professor (who I got to know and like throughout the course) later and he was bummed. I asked why, and it was because that player filed a complaint with the dean that it was race that got him the F. The professor explained that he had been offered a job at another university that he always wanted, and although BS (he was the most non-biased guy you'd ever meet) the simple accusation was potentially enough to cost him the job. All because some idiot is good at football and can't accept responsibility for his own lack of effort.
  12. omalley1537

    How many outdoor motos for JS7

    My old neighbor played D1 college football. Although he didn't quite make the NFL cut, many of his teammates did. He stayed in touch with several. More than one lived on Top Ramen (figuratively speaking) at the end of each pay period despite making 10+ million a year. Entourages, hangers-on, and stupid spending acting like the money won't ever stop coming in results in little invested nest egg and a quick bankruptcy for many post-career.
  13. omalley1537

    Something they're trying to keep quiet

    If that happened, we'd all be riding that "bike on a spring" thingy that's going around, because all of our bikes would be in the dealer for misfires, inter cooler issues, and carbon-ed up intake valves. We'd also be disappointed because the mfr would claim 450 performance and it would deliver 85 performance.
  14. omalley1537

    Stewart out for remainder of 2016

    He's going to see a photographer along the fence, then (w/o the re-engagement): (FF to 1:05)...
  15. omalley1537

    Stewart Quits again!

    Purely a guess, but BTO KTM seems logical. The 29's about done, FL team IIRC, no conflict with Red Bull that I see. Short of an independent self-effort, can't see anyone else that would either be available or that he hasn't already been.