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  1. phils-pitpro-racing

    x-sport frame

    there not mud jumps here is me riding on my bike http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/uploads/809391307-0.jpg http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/uploads/809391311-0.jpg http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/uploads/809391313-0.jpg http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/uploads/809392278-0.jpg
  2. phils-pitpro-racing

    x-sport frame

    here is my snapped frame pics http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/uploads/809392293-0.jpg http://adrenalintrip.extreme.com/uploads/809392296-0.jpg
  3. phils-pitpro-racing

    x-sport frame

    hi snapped my frame when i cased a double at my local bmx track
  4. phils-pitpro-racing

    x-sport frame

    hi im new to this forum and need some help my frame snapped yesterday and i have been givin a really good deal on an x-sport frame will my chinky forks and engine all fit into this new frame. and if the forks fit will i haft to put the bearins back in.