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  1. Lonewolf62

    '08 xr650l pilot adjustment

    yes it still idles but it is rough, surging or fluctuating.
  2. I live outside of Nashville, TN and I believe the elevation is around 600 ft.. I have done Dave's mods 158/55, drilled slide, Uni, stock can, desmogged, airbox snorkel removed, shimmed with a .020 washer on needle. My fuel screw is out 2 turns. I cannot get the idle to stumble unless I turn the screw all the way in. Do I need to step down to a 52 pilot? It does have a little hesitation off idle in neutral when you crack the throttle and it sucks way more fuel than before but it does have alot more oomph!
  3. Lonewolf62

    New XRL!

    You're not gonna regret the purchase! I bought mine in April and have taken it to several different type of riding areas and the bike with no mods went wherever I needed to go. Just retted and changed the sprockets to go a little slower in the tight woods that are common around here. Re-jet and airbox mods and Uni at the least!
  4. I have 1200 miles on an 08 xr650l. I replaced the front and rear sprockets with primary drive 14t and 48t. My question is the front sprocket has a little bit of side to side play in it. It fits the splines and does not have any play when trying to spin the sprocket but wobbles when I grab the top or bottom of the sprocket? Any ideas if I got a bad sprocket or is it normal to have 3mm of play side to side. The shaft isn't worn nor have I ridden the bike to hard, the original sprockets are hardly worn.
  5. Lonewolf62

    jet parts?

    Where can I find jets for an xr650l carb without it being in some kind of kit? My steelership does not stock any of the jets for Dave's mods and everywhere I look on the net seems to not list the 42.5mm Keihin cv carb! I want to be able to purchase them as I need them, not a pack of 4 per size! Even Keihin does not list this carb!
  6. Lonewolf62

    xr650l sprockets

    Rockymountainatvmc.com They have a brand that I hear all kind of good things about. Primary drive is the brand I believe, 8.99 front and 19.99 rear in 14 or 15t front and 45 or 48t rear. Is anybody using clip style master links? Heard they come apart or fall off easily!
  7. Lonewolf62

    xr650l sprockets

    Is the x-ring a much better chain than o-ring type? I've heard horror stories about it loosing grease and prematurely wearing out?
  8. Lonewolf62

    xr650l fork springs

    Where should I look to revalve? I do not live near a large city and would not know what valves to get if I decide to do it myself.
  9. Lonewolf62

    xr650l sprockets

    Thanks for the info! 14/48 it is!
  10. Lonewolf62

    xr650l fork springs

    I weigh 225 in full gear and would like to respring front and rear. Can I just respring the forks or should I have the valves redone as well? Can I take the springs out without removing front end? The bike only has 1000 miles on it.
  11. Lonewolf62

    xr650l sprockets

    I rode some tight trails a few weeks ago and ran into a problem. I could not go slow enough with stock gearing. Should I go to a 14t front or a 48 rear or both? I could not slip the clutch enough to keep going really slow and did not want to burn up my clutch or drop my brp!
  12. Lonewolf62

    08 xr650l dave's mods

    I work in plant machine maintenance and had already p/u some hex head screws to replace on the carb. Thanks for the info!
  13. When working on the jetting, no one says if you have to buy a new carb gasket set to do the mods. Is it necessary? Are the gaskets reusable? The service manual is of no help either:excuseme:
  14. Lonewolf62

    Left peg mounting xr650l

    It is just enough of a bend to make my foot rest on the end of the peg, it points a little up. Might take some getting used to. They will probably charge me an arm and half a leg to readjust it:bonk:
  15. Lonewolf62

    Left peg mounting xr650l

    How can I readjust the left footpeg. The bike fell over onto a rock and bent the peg up a little bit. I noticed it is mounted to a welded frame piece and do not notice any cracking of the welds. The peg is not bent or distorted. Why is the left solid and the right on a replaceable bracket?