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  1. Here is a vid of the new 2009 KTM's http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=InM2CQa6gjs
  2. tima


    Has anyone heard the rumors that KTM are going to bring out a 350 to replace the 400EXC. I noticed that Husky have just released the 310TE so wouldn't surprise me if KTM did the same.
  3. tima

    How Fast can a Honda Go?

    That was just during a warm up session. Holy moly fast.
  4. I am not shoiwng my wife these garages otherwise she will have me out there cleaning up for the whole of tomorrow. Fair play for keeping them so clean.
  5. tima

    08 SM510r Which Exhaust

    No you are not allowed. You have no money. Your voice of reason.
  6. tima

    Hill Climb

    Sweet hill climb. Looks a bit of fun.
  7. tima

    United Trenches strike again

    It's nobs like that that have given us so much grief over here in the Uk. The government are talikng about bringing in a compulsory registration for all bikes now (motogp, motocross, pit bikes). They haven't realised that the only people this will affect is the law abiding and the a-holes will carry on regardless. Go down there in your big pickups and pull out in front of them that will stop them.
  8. tima

    Video from todays ride

    Don't apologise for the swedish you are from sweden. Nice riding you lucky bugger looks fun.
  9. tima

    Fast fun trails and hills

    Looks a bit mad, bikes every where. Nice vid.
  10. tima

    Photos of our Trails

    At least you guys have somewhere to ride. I have to get a boat first if I want to ride.
  11. tima

    wellie crash

    Niiice no helmet or any kind of safety clothing what a donut.
  12. tima

    Wanting higher top speed on my CRF250x

    I run standard on the front and 42 on the rear with Supermoto rims and that gives me about 75 - 80 MPH. Acceleration is still ok.
  13. Sweet vid. You can ride dude.