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  1. The bike is currently running better, but not right. I have had the carbs gone through again and the plugs replaced. It starts easily, and will idle nicely on both cylinders. It tends to run away, or rev real high on its own after idleing for about 30 seconds to a minute. Once it gets back down I can ride it. After a couple times going through the gears it still wants to run away when coming to a stop. I thought it would be an air leak. Maybe a base gasket? I have sprayed either all around and can't get it to pull any in and rev when sprayed. Maybe someone on here has a clue, or better yet, is near central ohio and wants a side job. Thanks Scott.
  2. RayIn- Yes it has 2 coils. What do you mean switch out the boots? on the carbs? Those pics are great. I will post some pics of mine if I get it running. I got it for my wife to learn on, you guys are scaring me making it sound like such a ripper! I cant wait maybe I'll steal it back and get her something to putt around on. I will be working at the shop tonight so I will post tomorrow with my results. Thanks -Scott
  3. thanks for the help. I have checked spark and it seems steadily sparking, but yes it is a dual points bike and maybe I should look at that just in case. I will try to swap sides on the carb first and report back. Thanks. and NO i have never had mine running right. I cant wait!
  4. I hope this is posted in the correct section. I have a 67 180 that I have been getting back on the road. I finally got it to run after carb rebuilds tank cleaning and plugs. I still can't get it to run on both cylinders. I dont know the best way to expain but I think its carb related. It has compression and spark but I cant get the one cylinder to do anything, then once in a while it fires a few times after startup, then right back to running on the other one cylinder. The other carb can be dialed in and set to idle and everything is great with that cylinder. Should I switch the carb from side to side and see if the problem moves to the other side? I have choked it and sprayed ether around carb neither of which change anything. Any help is appreciated. Im about to give in here and take it someplace.
  5. XROhio

    1968 Yamaha CS1

    I have one and it is a 180cc. Its a really cool bike, but it is kinda difficult to find other people interested in them. Are they rare? I know they arent real valuable I still cant get mine running right. Anyone have any links to sites for them let us know. Thanks Scott
  6. XROhio

    Need Ole School XR 100 Help - Advise

    Thanks guys for all the help. Socalxr- I did see your post on the shafts being different lengths. That seems odd. Thanks for the tip. So If I get a bottom end off ebay or wherever, if it is a later one say 2000 or so will the top end of my motor fit on it with no trouble?? I do have a cdi on the way from another ebay purchase. It may help in the long run. Any one have an extra Clymers manual for sale? Guess I better hit ebay for that too, looks like you guys may have to be helping me through the rebuild of this one. I will keep you posted. scott
  7. I recently got my 1985 XR 100 running again after sitting for many many years. Thats the good. The bad is that the kicker has something wrong internally with the racheting mechanism in the gear box. It acts like it is stripped and only catches sometimes toward the end of the stroke. It is very difficult to spin the motor enough to get it started. I also noted when riding it, if I shift hard or let out the clutch fast the kicker torques back. Oh yea and the trans kinda whines. Do I: A: Try to get a later bottom end off ebay. Take care of points and also hopefully get a good trans & kicker. B: Try my hand at cracking the case. (With a little help from the board.) I have a couple older XR 75 bottom ends. Would they have parts I could use?? Yea Im cheap. Any input would be great. Thanks alot. Scott